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    I'm just a glamorous person

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    laying in Versailles
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    Lol sis is really a Hollywood coochie reject. She couldn't live up to any of that sugar baby lolita shit because she's too fucking old for any of these money men to fall for it LMAO
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  1. daisy fresh witch

    Song vs. Song

    Freak vs Put the radio on
  2. Halsey always struck me as the type of person who bases her whole personality off of one stint at the psych ward...sorry
  3. daisy fresh witch

    Song vs. Song

    Gods and Monsters vs I talk to Jesus
  4. There are violets in your eyes There are guns that blaze around you There are roses in between my thighs And a fire that surrounds you vs I'm a wild child, sky-high lying on your floor I know I had a lot, but baby wants a little more
  5. okay so can we move the stuff about the album cover to the appropriate thread? cause it took me a while to find this. makes it hard for people to find what we are looking for
  6. the closest you'll get to winter is Aviation
  7. I don't find it an invasion of privacy unless you're sharing the information like where the person works or goes to school which can often be found on Bumble profiles.
  8. so uhhh who's excited for the COCC music video?
  9. what is your problem? people can do research without having press credentials. they don't have to be reporters to look stuff up
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