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  1. But if I know I don't want to be a hairdresser that doesn't necessarily mean I know what I want to be.
  2. Considering how often Lana changes her hair color she's probably gonna step out with jet black hair the day you finally reach the prefect blonde shade But seriously I've had every hair color, from blonde to blue black and did everything myself except bleaching. The only time you should really go to a professional, even if it's really pricey.
  3. Exactly, I don't even think sings of aging are ugly? No idea who made that up but I look at Audrey Hepburn in her 60s and don't find her unattractive at all and she really did have wrinkles. (I also don't mind botox etc as long as it's done in moderation. I truly don't get that pillow face trend.)
  4. Old at 35... there really must be only children on twitter. At least I was still a child the last time I thought 35 is old.
  5. I agree, I've been a fan since BTD and I would never describe Lizzy Grant or May Jailer as country.
  6. Yeah it just seems more full-on country today. Maybe that's just because I'm not used to Lana Del Rey exploring that genre. There's a thin line between tasteful country and straight up hillbillyism to me. This one doesn't sound too too bad, I have to admit. I did not like Hey Blue Baby and IMBSFBSH, that was already too much for me. But anyway, we'll see. I'm still excited for the album.
  7. Nikki seems like a nice person, haven't heard of her before. I gotta say though if there's two things I hate it's country music and collabs. Fuck me. I got both in one song now. Oh well, maybe I'm actually gonna like it and I'm determined to stay open and positive about this album because I love Lana.
  8. Sooooo, I got my receipts. Found out she was (yes, was, cause she died of cancer in 2018) a poet and lecturer, her name was Anya Krugovoy Silver and this is the post, written by her husband shortly after her death: https://www.instagram.com/p/Bm0iqq0FfM1/ With special greetings to @Lentilus Won't ever forget you being so incredibly nice to me.
  9. Don't feel bad. I absolutely abhor that Alex woman. I hate her. I don't care about Ashley but that other one omfg- No. Before anybody tells me I'm a bitch, here's the reason: I saw screenshots of a message that a woman with cancer sent to Alex, Ashley and Lana, asking if she could meet Lana before she dies or something and Alex saw it and answered with "LOL" and that was it. Literally, if Lana would've been allowed to use her first NFR cover sitting on the rock with the two dancers, I would have made my own album cover and glued it over that one. The first time ever I was grateful for Ben and Ed. Wait, I'll search for receipts and see if I can find anything about that incident...
  10. I just remembered that post on her Honeymoon account where she writes about pink champagne and purple rain. Was that taken from an early poem? Or a song that didn't make it on the album? In any case she re-used that phrase on LMLYLAW now.
  11. Hum I'm just wondering, if she wanted real handwriting as the font why didn't she just use her own handwriting? Why a random person's? Lana's is prettier
  12. Just saw your profile picture and I think she took the selfie for the single cover that same day
  13. Oh that wasn't supposed to be slander. Love Song is definitely not a bad song but after listening to it multiple times I just got a little bored of it tbh
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