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  1. I never thought of the GQ shoot as trashy tbh. I always found it elegant af.
  2. Okay three things: 1. The photoshoot is great except maybe a few shots. 2. The interview tells me almost nothing. One of the most important things is her saying she finds it hard to write nowadays and it was followed by some question about Old Hollywood instead of digging into this because Idk it seems important somehow?? 3. Out of all these photos...the editors chose these two for the cover? Instead of this one for example: This happens way too often. You look at a photoshoot with amazing shots and somehow these editors manage to pick the least flattering ones to use as a cover... Anyway yes underwhelmed by cover and interview but looking forward to some angry songs. The vibe of the photoshoot reminds me of the ones taken between UV and HM, like early 2015.
  3. I know right, when I saw the NY and Italy photos I thought "Take your time, you don't have to finish the record yet. We're waiting patiently."
  4. Right The non-sentient, non-conscious cell clumps are still gonna be lost by the end of these procedures - the difference is that the women might also be. The only life at stake is the woman's and they're putting it at risk without batting an eye.
  5. The thing is, she is always writing. And the places she visits usually influence her lyrics (and sound) pretty heavily. She spent a lot of time in Portofino with Francesco in 2014/15 and it's very obvious when you listen to Honeymoon. I'm so ready for some Europe or NY influence. I've had enough of LA and the yeehaw states (sorry).
  6. BlueINK


    Wordle 323 X/6 ⬛⬛⬛⬛⬛ 🟩⬛🟨⬛⬛ 🟩🟩⬛⬛🟩 🟩🟩⬛⬛🟩 🟩🟩⬛⬛🟩 🟩🟩⬛⬛🟩 nooOOOOOOO
  7. I love that she said every family member is in her thoughts. That seems to include her mother too. It sounds like she's made her peace with some of the difficulties in the past, at least a little. In other random thoughts, will America ever get over WW2? I think she said in an interview that all of her friends call her Lana too so it seems like it's really not just her stage name but a big part of her identity. I wonder if anyone calls her Lizzy still. Maybe Rob.
  8. Group 1: Yellow Group 2: Brown because Guns & Roses is a great song and is disliked for no reason (DLMBM is not that bad either)
  9. Wow I have to say I fully disagree. To me UV seems like a very authentic album and I do believe she was in a dark place mentally around that time. And she seemed really angry somehow. At the critics, at Barrie, at that mysterious sickness she had for a while. Dan Auerbach said they fought a lot in the studio. I always thought that's what made her change the album to something so dark because she really felt that at the time. Interesting though how we all interpet her work so differently. Anyways, I always love guitars. Acoustic guitars and screaming electric guitar solos. That's all I wish for (but since Rob is so active on the piano what are the chances though ). And nothing too political lyrically because I listen to music to escape into different worlds, not to be reminded of what's going on around me. Saying this because some here wished for LFL 2.0...pls no. I never listen to the political tracks.
  10. I love how everyone freaks out when she's back in NY. Also, she looks radiant
  11. BlueINK


    Y'all I- this is not a joke lmao Wordle 314 2/6 ⬛⬛⬛⬛⬛ 🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩 Omg no way it's our collective mindset as Lana fans tbh
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    Music To:

    Music for taking a long drive at night
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    My typical starting words are ocean, water, video and movie
  14. Truuuuue I mean I've been talking about it here and there Libras can't stfu about their sign. The next one has to do @DeadSeaOfMercury
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