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  1. Jackie and Marilyn spoke the same way (in public) because they were both voice trained so Lana was likely emulating Marilyn but it also sounds like Jackie. As far as I know Jackie's voice was actually much deeper (you can hear more of that in her sister Lee's voice, they sounded pretty much the same).
  2. I like that they reacted to Lana's tweets and not in a snappy or ridiculing way. Pretty annoyed by Complex for simply ignoring all of that. Like, say something!!
  3. I don't even find this too bad tbh, we've seen worse. Yeah the "you're jealous" thing is pretty childish but other than that whatever... I do feel bad for Rolling Stone though. It's like a mother telling her child to behave in advance and the child wasn't even planning to misbehave
  4. Exactly my thoughts, I hate that they're writing these things and that she's fighting them now.
  5. So about the astrology stuff, who else is a december baby except Barrie??
  6. I literally whispered to myself "I can hear Lizzy in this" during the last chorus
  7. Pretty sure the girl in the beginning is supposed to be Lana as a child. I guess her childhood and her troubled relationship with her mother are gonna be two of the main topics of this album...
  8. Huh she does sing "Comprende mis white lines", no??
  9. I'm a little sad about it but the magic is gone for me too. I've listened to LMLYLAW and Summertime about 2-3x and not at all to YNWA. I'm just not that interested in these songs. And then her overall behaviour in 2020 left a very bitter taste in my mouth. Wouldn't be so bad if I had a new substitute for Lana, but really there's no other musician who created such a unique world of their own and fascinates me as much. I mean, it's not that important but being so fascinated with an artist is just really fun. I'm not yet ready to leave though. I still have hope her work is gonna fascinate and excite me again. I'm determined to work this out!
  10. Dan is such a king. I need them to work together again
  11. I just listened again. The chorus is very beautiful but the verses sound weird to me, especially the first one. But that's why I edited my original comment. Back in 2012 I listened to the A.K.A. version first and after that to the Paradise version and I disliked it so much I never gave it a try again lol. Just now I listened again and I don't think it's that bad anymore. It was probably because I was used to the Yayo version.
  12. The autotune is a huge problem on BTD.
  13. Wow I definitely prefer this one, it's softer
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