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  1. Exactly. Reading the room in this case doesn't mean not to express condolences, it means to shut the hell up for a day and be respectful. I see "woke" people literally celebrating the death of a person and it disgusts me so deeply. I have no problem with Lana's posts.
  2. I'll get myself a copy today, don't care ir the interview is good. I like the cover. Wish there were more photos of this shoot in the magazine though.
  3. Oh god Yosemite, man... that song, the atmosphere oh my god. It's so beautiful and serene and really gives you a whole scenery I mean I am IN Yosemite when I listen to this song. That's what she does so well, really bringing across atmosphere and feelings aaaah
  4. Idk about this enitre ranking lol and they forgot LFL. Fully disagree with NFR over UV, Honeymon and COCC. To me COCC isn't even the "little sister" of NFR as some like to say, it's far superior to me.
  5. That's exactly what we're all here for
  6. I'd be completely here for that obviously but we can't trust her on dates or even album titles
  7. I mean am I the only one who really doesn't trust this whole thing? Until we get the lead single or album cover I won't believe anything is coming.
  8. I kinda regret already voting for my fave songs. I usually make up my mind about songs during the first few weeks post-release. The entire album is a grower for me. It's really personal, much more personal than any other album she has released since 2012. DBJAG was the only song that really moved me, WD, TJF and COCC are great, the rest still has to grow on me.
  9. Do we know who the girl on the skates is? I have to say I'd much rather have footage of Lana on skates, even with a cast on her arm. Or just not somebody else pretending to be Lana when it's so obvious. A girl dressed as Lizzy with a blonde wig would've been cute too. ANYWAY it's cute video. It matches the song and I like how simple and calm it is.
  10. I think everbody's staring at the video countdown, not at this chat
  11. Agree with both, to me BTD-LFL was a journey, and then NFR and COCC are the in-between stages, Lana figuring out what to do next...the calm before the storm
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