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  1. I have yet to come across a post in which you're not hating on Lana while crawling up Antonoff's ass who you're actually here for. Why don't you create JackBoards and leave LB alone?
  2. Lizzy made up this mixtape for an interview in 2010 3.Turning old-school for a moment, if you were to make a Mixtape for me, including one of your own songs, what would you put on there + title the compilation? “It would be called 'Sex on Ice' and I'd probably put 1.Gangsters Paradise on there… 2.Flamingos 'I Only Have Eyes For You' 3.Britney Spears 'Hit Me Baby One More Time' 4.The Godfather Theme 5.Lee Hazlewood & Nancy Sinatra 'Some Velvet Morning' 6.Lana Del Rey 'Hey Lolita Hey' 7. Scarface Theme 8.Ennio Morricone 'Once Upon A Time In The West' 9. Mickey Avalon 'So Rich So Pretty'”
  3. Anyway, tits shmits. I personally can't wait for Jehovah Switness or whatever his name is to ask me if I'm ready to talk about my lord & saviour on track 9 or whichever track that interlude's gonna be. Also not happy about all the collabs but we'll see, maybe they're not that bad. I'm at least expecting the FJM collab to be very good.
  4. Okay can I explain myself? I can ignore Lana talking about her beliefs when she sings about contemplating god or talking to Jesus, whatever, you do you. But I never signed up for Churchome and I never asked to be lectured about nonsense by a homophobic middle aged man. This is like giving a christian a recording of fucking Aleister Crowley lecturing them about how amazing Satan is, and then telling them not to be "dramatic" about it when they say they're not comfortable with it. No thanks.
  5. She could've just read T.S. Elliot as an interlude again or, even better, one of her own poems. Things people actually want to hear.
  6. Does he say "I am an angel, looking to get fucked hard, God's dead, baby that's alright with me"? If not he can go.
  7. Same I am so uncomfortable listening to cult leaders preaching 2000 year old shit.
  8. Facts are facts it's not a music album so it can't be counted as one Seems like at least her management agrees
  9. Does the lady know she just released a new single or
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