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  1. Style

    Instagram Updates

    i mean… i didn’t say that but
  2. Style

    Instagram Updates

    lana should start a paid email subscription service where she just sends selfies she wants to share. i’d totally pay thousands for that
  3. Blue Banisters Tour ideal setlist no honeymoon songs breaks my heart but we’ve got to cram half of nfr, chemtrails songs and blue banisters songs in there for a live performance and keep her obligatory classics
  4. i can not believe billboard said don’t call me angel was better than florida kilos, lolita, is this happiness, white mustang and burning desire
  5. you guys talking about dreams where blue banisters shipped early and i had a dream i was asked to fold the laundry at work and i actually folded my duvet while asleep im so excited to see what the back cover looks like also october 15th would be an amazing day for it to leak
  6. Style

    Taylor Swift

    please elaborate on the lana easter eggs
  7. i was talking to my coworker yesterday about music and i said i love lana and she said ‘i wasn’t expecting that from a boy’
  8. Cruel World - Crazy For Me Old Money - Blue Hydrangea Coachella - Stairway To Heaven Yosemite - Right Reasons Dark But Just A Game - Best Ones Lost Their Minds Tulsa Jesus Freak - Close To Jesus Textbook - Old Man River / Thunderbird / Rewrite History I don’t think any of these are better than the actual titles but it was fun
  9. happy birthday to her magnum opus, the best album of the 2010s, something that redefined genres, changed the course of music history, shot lana into super stardom and landed her amongst the greatest of all time. i love you honeymoon
  10. i think nfr is better than chemtrails as a whole but chemtrails has better individual songs. however it’s too short and has a wide range of songs better than nfr and worse than nfr blue banisters coming to end both though
  11. I remember people doing this with NFR! snippets and listening to the fanmade HIAB all release week except in this case we had heard so much of the songs beforehand in the snippets the fanmade versions were identical to the official
  12. just emailed local record store if they’re gonna have it in
  13. record store day stuff is usually sold at independent stores right? there’s one in town i go to regularly, do you think it’s worth contacting them to see if they’re getting any in? or should i wait until it’s closer to the release idk how to do this stuff
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