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  1. Saur has it been officially confirmed this is more or less the origins RN version feom the UV sessions? I’d like to know where to put her
  2. When interscope shoehorns SYTH onto LDRX to boost sales then what
  3. Ok now that someone mentioned this being the OG version I can kind of hear it. Listen to the guitar in the intro here and then listen to Cult Leader
  4. When it’s revealed that it was actually first written as a Lizzy Grant track and was then repurposed for the scrapped Tropico album before being scrapped 500 times
  5. Everyone’s talking about a section being cut but I don’t hear it? It sounds like stripped version of the STINT demo, right down to the sound of the guitars and the structure
  6. This is literally the STINT version with different percussion is it not
  7. Exactly how I feel about F*****a K***s! ⬆️
  8. It’s a invite He also said Beautiful was a surf rock anthem which has also become a running joke
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