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  1. I wanna ask you this. what if it was yöu? that didn’t have any butter. what if I came home to you and TOOK your butter from your fridge? fridgerato..fridgerator? and took your butter away from you ..... on any on any on any other day? (clunk) yes and let’s not ehhhhh shove it under the uh the mat. we all know that ehh american people are pretty overweight. .... how would you Feele....what about your sweet potatoes and your sss s as s s s s s s sour cream and your eh sss s s ss. stocking THEN? (holds up butter) do you know what this is? this a traditional Bux of norwegian butter. (open butter) let’s look inside. it’s hardly empty. do you know what’s approaching??? christmas is approach approach approaching. how do you think we feel? do you know what the national christmas cake in norway is??? it’s something called Lusikutter. Pussycats in english. do you know what the main ingredients in the lus in the eh in lusikutter is? BUTTER! do you think this is enough for all the christmas cakes that i was gonna make in ehhh christmas? NO. ........ so FUCK YOU AMERICAAAANNN dssssdssdsdssdss people. because. YOU DONT KNOW HOW IT FEELS BEING WITHOUT BUTTER IN CHRISTMAS TIME. and i ask again. WHAT IF IT WAS YOU??? ...... heh.. who didn’t have BUTTER? would you go ask the neighbor? OH NO THATS RIGHT the neighbor doesn’t have butter either no one in the whole wide fucking country has butter.... i will come to you house. i will go to your fridgerator fridge fridge your fridgerator i will take your butter out of your fridge i will eat the butter in front of you and your families EYES. ... and eh i force you to watch me while i eat ALL your butter! that you were gonna have at christmas eve...ning. you will beg and cry and say “NO DONT EAT ALL OUR BUTTER WE NEED FOR XMAS” i will say “AHAH NOT MY PROBLEM” and take the empty bottle i will throw it down the.stairway. Thanks for reading Happy quarantining
  2. Plssss and the way Candy Necklace was the only song she shared an actual snippet of before the title track dropped 💀
  3. I retract my statement about Side D being the weakest part overall. I’m gonna have to say it’s Side B with 2 interludes and
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