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  1. also it is impossible to print 9 songs on a vinyl side. it’s fake
  2. i was believing till I read 17 tracks
  3. so me and heroinmelodies figured it out (I mean he figured it out): Wasn’t arcadialovesong2018 some real insider?
  4. omg we have a thing to decrypt let’s get to work
  5. even though I’m not seeing anything happening today, BOZ cannot go inside Lana’s mind. She still can announce something or give us the title of the album and even the cover… we just need to not get our hopes up and see what happens today
  6. there’s absolutely nothing coming tomorrow she ain’t no Taylor Swift
  7. bitches, DNC means Dorman Nucking Cockwell duh
  8. so honeymoun just said on Twitter she’s going from BB to LFL 2.0 why is no one moving?
  9. also, I hope the album is called “Drunk Near a Constellation”
  10. preorder announcement on Sunday - 19th lead single out on Tuesday - 21st album out on Friday - 24th manifesting
  11. exactly what I thought. let’s be real, Lana wouldn’t go to London just tu record some songs, I mean, she can do it on her voice memos app and send them to a producer like she’s doing for LDR9. Sweet Carolina: The Album coming soon.
  12. have you tried “plastic bag”?
  13. lana post a false title and album release date announcement challenge
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