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  1. So do you think Chemtrails’ll have bad bitch energy? Sad bitch energy? Or happy bitch energy?
  2. https://www.instagram.com/p/CIC0LQfLFYS/?igshid=1kcdiyn25r0he she is brunette again, guys
  3. gsnlp

    Instagram Updates

    Hopefully not, I hated that as a lyric
  4. gsnlp

    Instagram Updates

    So, is this a sign that Chemtrails is over? Or that’s an old pic?
  5. From now on, I’m just going to read this thread! Nothing more... I’m sorry for the “misinformation” that I give you... I was just being excited or upset (depends) about the rumors that, like everyone else, I read online. Sorry to upset you all! byeeee :))
  6. Thanks for sharing my point of view! I really appreciate your presence on LB! You’re so kind and sweet! Thank u
  7. So do you remember or no? I’m confused omg seriously? I was just trying to be positive and sending good vibes to this thread. The “is coming tomorrow!” Or “announcement in 30 minutes” was just for that... I’m sorry if you thought I actually did know something
  8. Wtf, i just let you know about what I see on Twitter to ask if you guys know something about it... you’re just being rude, I’m in the same boat as you all Translate it gurl
  9. I just saw that on Twitter. They said that an reliable insider said that
  10. She’s releasing everything so lowkey... maybe there are some big surprises prepared for us
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