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  1. maybe she can now leak Lana material! let me get my ouija board
  2. Lana, if the album drops on October 14th and it doesn’t have LOUD ELECTRIC GUITARS I swear to god I will… I will… still play it anyways. I eat everything you drop
  3. Fuck singles, all my homies want an album dropping out of nowhere without any buzz or lead singles.
  4. she normally announces preorders a day before they drop, or at least the tracklist and album cover, and normally the preorder drops on a Monday, so Sunday is the announcement day.
  5. it’s Sunday! you know what happens on sundays? she announces albums!
  6. we speak exclusively English in here. i’m Portuguese and I understood everything you said but 95% of the members didn’t or won’t. keep that in mind! it’s about being polite! and welcome to LB! hope you have fun here
  7. And JASON DERULO not this. please. I’m begging. not this.
  8. who the fuck is Ian guys? so the album is still not ready
  9. how are you saying Norman is an autumn album? it gives endless summer fading feeling, like summer is ending but there’s nothing after it.
  10. Hollywood Sign May Burst Into Flames LDRX lead single September 9th
  11. Will it be a worldwide release or will it be local time release?
  12. i was going to say this! Still manifesting that photo as a streaming party studio picture
  13. gsnlp

    Taylor Swift

    rep era for sure i think she’s dropping Look What You Made Me Do (Taylor’s Version) in the next weeks just to mess with us
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