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  1. In Portuguese it goes: Born To Die: Nascido Para Morrer Paradise: Paraíso Ultraviolence: Ultraviolência Honeymoon: Lua de Mel Lust For Life: Luxúria Pela Vida OR Luxúria De Viver Norman Fucking Rockwell: Norman Do Car*lho Rockwell COCC: Rastros Químicos Sobre O Clube de Campo Blue Banisters: Corrimões Azuis
  2. we should spam BrujaDeMusica for info
  3. how many Twitter insiders will appear until Lana drops LDR9? like it’s getting to an exhaustive point.
  4. guys, so there will be new merch that will include the jacket. do u know what other word begins with J and A and C and K? Exactly, Jack. Jack Antonoff. a nightmare.
  5. we really need her to announce a fake date don’t we?
  6. Imagine: Elizabeth aka Lizzy Grant
  7. the way she’s not into “official album announcements” anymore. he probably will get 3 dates before the real one
  8. I would love a beachy rocky, mixed with a jazzy feeling on this album
  9. i would not be mad about this
  10. at least we know we won’t have the vinyl production delay this time since she said she would release the next album digital only
  11. A PERFECT ALBUM ROLLOUT: single out this month or next month interview in March title track in April with high budget mv album out in late May, early June new mv in July with a lot of promo in between this dates
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