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  1. A really good review about the album by MOJO. And they spilled about TJF, it’s “NFR type of shit and it’s ethereal. And “White Hot Forever” it’s the refrain, so TJF is officially WHF
  2. Guys, there’s a song nobody knows about except those 5 homosexuals...
  3. Well, this made my day That bitches better not be here, because if they do, they are going to be killed
  4. Gurl, I feel u! But I would love having the album prior to the release to pull an Eclipse moment
  5. Yes! You’re probably right. Unless she’s releasing Dealer as a poem of Behind the Iron Gates...
  6. She said she doesn’t have 4 tracks for it (yet, I hope)
  7. But gurl, think, they probably heard White Hot Forever too, there was another song we don’t know about. It’s like a win-lose for them too
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