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  1. this is life changing, one of the most beautiful songs ever
  2. If there’s anything I’ve learned it’s that these lyric leaks are untrue 99% of the time . However something is coming it’s true, it’s part of the cycle.
  3. I'll be thinking about her boobs all day now
  4. I literally cannot get over how good she looks.
  5. I’m always here for Ultraviolence xo
  6. your dealer

    Azealia Banks

    I wish she would shut the fuck up
  7. Would do anything for another album with NY vibes
  8. Lana is more than welcome to drop a country masterpiece that would actually be good and she’s demonstrated that with her performances of hey blue baby and I must be stupid. I also think her duet of eat for free would fit and prettiest girl in country music. It can be done, but It needs to have the right energy. Is it what I want ultimately, no. I miss her presence in aesthetic and concept and the built up hype and her curated self made worlds. We’ve gotten some vibes with her recent releases in terms of “eras” but I don’t think they are as cohesive as they’ve been in the past but that’s not to say that the songwriting doesn’t slap and the music isn’t good. I’m just relying too much on Lana to make me not depressed so whatever she does is what she’ll do and I’ll still love her. This post brought you by wine.
  9. At this point I’ll take anything. Please just distract me Lana.
  10. comes back several hours later to “Lana’s new album won’t be sexy because her dad worked on it.” I love this place so much. Y’all are hilarious.
  11. if rob says it's epic then it's epic.
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