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  1. I really don’t know why we are manifesting roses bloom for you. I can’t hold it in anymore I’m soooooo sorry but that song is a snooze fest Manifesting all new songs that she made specifically for ONE album that all work together to build an entire intentional Lana del Rey world.
  2. rocka fella my um brella god i love you baaaaaaaaaby
  3. we need to manifest a track list!!!!!!!!!
  4. With every passing moment I’m more and more excited for this album!!! We’re so lucky to stan the greatest living artist of the 21st century!!!!
  5. Waking up feeling renewed, hopeful, a new lease on life because Lana is coming and the first thing I see is NFR slander. WE WERE DOING SO GOOD
  6. babe today is barely over and it's the start of delulu December come back
  7. and when lana releases the Christmas album this month, American standards in March, and LDRX in June THEN WHAT
  8. this is the type of energy we need for the month of December keep it up, we're manifesting her!
  9. to follow up with your inquiry I commented on Lana’s post from 11/14 23 hours ago GENTLY asking her for an album update AS WELL AS DMing Ben 21 hours ago which reads “We need an album update dad”
  10. in honor of delulu December I'm using my tech brain a bit more with coffee. going through the source code it looks like there's modifications that were made on 11/18/2022. I also see that there's other items dated 11/22. This is intriguing because Lana wasn't very active on Honeymoon in November until the 14th which is when she posted ʇᴉpǝ. She continued to post from 11/19-11/24. What does this mean? With the website currently being down I can only assume that the changes are about to be implemented and we'll get an announcement this month.
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