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  1. Let me show you how sadness can turn into happiness I can turn blue into something beautiful
  2. "And what I never said, why there's a price on my head It's nothing to do with them, it's my karmic lineage So I'm not friends with my mother, but I still love my dad Untraditional lover, can you handle that?" ICONIC INCREDIBLE AMAZING PROFILIC LEGEND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. possibly, but no one could ever touch lana's cadence. she has the most unique, and magical way of delivering her lyrics vocally.
  4. i wish blue banisters was a person so i could keep them safe and hold them and love them and nourish them hazily
  5. I want her to explore more of what she did in black bathing suit tbh I really like her use of different tempo changes and experimental vocals more of that on her next album pls. Would die to hear a full fledged psychedelic rock album with folk influenced lyrics and undertones.
  6. Violets for roses has me in a hold right now. Haven’t been able to get it out my head. It’s such a delicious song
  7. aaaaaand if this is the ennNd I want a bOyfriend sum1 to eat ice creeeeam with and watch tel e vision
  8. omg the live was amazing!!!!! she is SOOOOOOO sweet and amazing and humble and down to earth. ALSO ROB???!!!!! SO WHOLESOME. thank you @arcadialovesong2018 for going live so we could watch it, you're still a psychopath xoxo
  9. Lana is so mad that living legend leaked
  10. ok i'm done enjoy Blue Banisters- Lana Del Rey ★★★★★ Cavernous drums and stark silence introduce the next studio album “Blue Banisters” by Lana del Rey “I guess you could call it text book….I was looking for the father that I wanted back…..” Setting us up for a curation of ballads and bops that dive deep into who Lana Del Rey, where’s she’s been, and where she is now. This isn’t a typical album from the New York born singer songwriter, it builds on and explores experimental vocals and sounds that we’ve never heard from the artist. From the unhinged but addictive outro of “Black Bathing Suit” to the bluesy jazzy ethereal horns at the end of “If you lie down with me” and the hazy inebriating sounds of the Miles Kane feature, “Dealer”. The first three songs on the album are simply a stunning introduction to Blue Banisters. Text Book, Blue Banisters, and Arcadia. Blue Banisters takes a dive into the more folk side of Del Rey. “There’s a picture on the wall, of me on a John Deere” Followed by images of her surrounded by friends and loved ones helping her pick up the pieces again. Her vocals shine through on this song and you can feel her emotion in this line: “I’m scared of the Santa Clarita fires I wish that it would rain” She pleads in what may be the purest form of her voice we’ve heard so far. Arcadia may as well be something out of Disney. A mix between classic Del Rey and expanding upon glorious strings and horns that sound like they came down from the heavens. Just as you find yourself gently floating away The Trio comes. Ennio Morricone is joined with deep and intense trap beats that really shake you, wake you, and prepare you for the journey the rest of the album takes you on. What happens after the Trio is only something Lana Del Rey could pull off. A run of five incredible songs, some old and some new, that all work together to tell the story of Blue Banisters. There are some of her strongest moments in her career here: Black Bathing Suit is almost every Lana Del Rey sound fused seamlessly into one song. Slowly unraveling to the eruption that is an outro filled with psychedelia and powerful, almost yelling vocals and some jabs about her treatment by media and public. “Oh let em talk about me, They’re just yesterday’s news, They’re fucking broke and we’re laughing about them” If you lie down with me, Beautiful, Violets for Roses, Dealer and Thunder are followed by Black Bathing Suit and are absolutely incredible highlights. From being misunderstood in Beautiful “Let me run with the wolves, let me do what I do, Let me show you how sadness can turn into happiness, I can turn blue into something. Beautiful, beautiful Beautiful like you.” A lush ballad of breathy piano and crystal clear vocals. A stark contrast to Dealer, featuring Miles Kane where Lana can be heard nearly screaming in the chorus with her last fuck to give “I don’t wanna live, I don’t wanna give you nothing, cause you never give me nothing back.” Dealer is the best bad trip you’ve ever had and one of Lana’s most memorable songs. Thunder is another highlight on Blue Banisters. It brings you in with strings that spiral like a tornado, and slowly builds up introducing different musical elements and a beautiful choir singing in the background. Thunder sounds like a song that has always been around, it exists in a place you can feel but you cannot touch, as is usually the case with Lana’s music. Overall, Blue Banisters is a top tier entry into Lana Del Rey’s catalogue. Deeply exploring her past relationships with her parents, family and friends in a way that she’s never done before. The older songs on the album seem to fit right in, adding to a larger part of dialogue. Not only is Lana a singer and songwriter on this album, but an instrument as well, distorting her voice and using it in innovative ways to evoke vivid emotions and visions. Blue Banisters is a recipe for a nearly perfect album. Lana Del Rey has evolved to what sounds like her truest and most vulnerable self artistically and is more confident than ever. We can only imagine the places she’ll go next, as she herself has said there will always be more music. An album that will be referenced in the future for its exploration in current events and culture as well as a sound that will for sure influence other artists, Lana Del Rey herself is a Living Legend.
  11. i'm writing an official review, it's almost done. it will be the review she deserves. would also like to add that the album sounds INCREDIBLE on apple music, so much better than the leak.
  12. Prolific Breathtaking Fascinating Incredible Majestic Stunning Iconic
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