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  1. Crying to video games rn<3 This album is so beautiful, happy birthday to this beautiful, sparkling masterpiece!
  2. Once the coquettes find the lizzy grant mvs it's over for us
  3. Omfg that subreddit was my only source of information when I first became a Lana Stan, I remember I said I didn’t like NFR and everybody attacked me
  4. You spilled. It's so weird to think I used to be a huge fan of her, I was excited for MM3 but clearly Melanie no longer wants to put any effort into her music. I don't think majority of the themes she used previously work outside of the 2010s, her music is just the same thing over and over again but progressively getting worse. I don't think she even wants to put out music anymore.
  5. Is there any way to make this thread private so only LB members can read it? Even if she's banned, she can still see us talking about her videos.
  6. Just wait guys right now she's writing a caption for a teaser of the Ocean Boulevard music video!
  7. Last summer was pretty bad, we deluded ourselves into thinking something was happening on her birthday
  8. Can we bring back the listening parties we had during BB? That was the whole reason I made an LB account
  9. I just know LB members will be screaming, crying, throwing up when they hear the song they changed their username to and hate it
  10. 1. Paris, Texas 2. Candy Necklace 3. The Grants 4. AW 5. Kintsugi 6. Let the Light in 7. Grandfather 8. Ocean Boulevard 9. Sweet 10. Fingertips 11. Fishtail 12. Judah Smith Interlude 13. Taco Truck 14. Pepper 15. Margaret 16. Jon Batiste Interlude Idk if I'll really like the Pastor interlude, but it sounds super experimental and something that Lana has never done before so I'm ranking it pretty high
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