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  1. She looks like such a teletubbie with the prosthetics I can’t take it seriously
  2. She wants a TikTok hit so bad, if it didn’t happen with the bakery it’s not going to happen now
  3. I don't really think Lana would, she's already committed to this and was already planning something with her hairstylist. I don't think she wants to let the people she works with down.
  4. I can't wait for Lana to announce the triple album BOZ teased on ATRL at the award show😍
  5. I love the idea of a storyline, and I think that for Crybaby it was so interesting and fun to watch unfold. I just think that if she wants to do another story-based album, she's going to have to let go of Crybaby.
  6. Is she going to post a snippet everyday for each song? I'm going feral I need a single
  7. No I just mean if she’s going to play crybaby again to change crybaby’s name since she’s being rebirthed or whatever
  8. Hopefully she has a new name for this album’s character. I don’t think a medieval-inspired album would make sense if someone named “crybaby” was the central character.
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