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  1. I have a good feeling about July
  2. She better be doing something LDR9 related with this mansion because it is stunning
  3. Why are both of these photos so funny
  4. Born to Die is so overproduced I think she's trying to hide something & The song This is What Makes Us Girls has ruined feminism Shoutout to this video, they exposed her!:
  5. sadhotforever

    Song vs. Song

    Never Let Me Go vs. JFK
  6. @DragonWhore Late summer nights in July?
  7. Almost July, hopefully that means something is coming
  8. sadhotforever

    Song vs. Song

    French Restaurant vs. St. Tropez
  9. Totally agree, I think that some sort of apology was warranted but I'm just saying that's probably a big part of her "underdog mentality."
  10. I think that while she may be respected within the industry, the majority of the public doesn't like her because of the QFTC & other stuff, if not that, then most tend to look down on her for her earlier work.
  11. Everyone's complaining about snippets but considering there has been no solid news for a month & most likely won't be any for a while, beggars can't be choosers
  12. I need this & Tired of Singing the Blues
  13. Can she go on vacation again, I'm bored
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