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  1. I feel like i'm watching Christian glee 🐴
  2. She doesn't even do Christian music 😭😭😭 (My pussy tastes like Pepsi cola)
  3. Trisha wouldn't do this to me btw
  4. I was banned cause i commented "sing i love you jesus by trisha paytas or burn in hell" 😭😭😭
  5. I was banned from the chat by doing trisha paytas references
  6. Don't worry guys, she'll come out to the stage and sing a medley of jealous girl / coca colla / betty bop & announce the unreleased album with 200 tracks
  7. Is it me or he low-key talks like Mickey mouse?
  8. Not lasso going rock candy sweet / white hot forever
  9. What would u chose? Nikki lane collab album or judah smith interlude pt. 2
  10. That is so boring omg
  11. when she opens up the show announcing the surprise double release of lasso and the unreleased album featuring 300 tracks
  12. https://live.umusic.com/ldrfest what are this coments what happened to the kindness in the world? OMG
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