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  1. I’m listening to the album and thought back to when I listened to it the first time, how shocked I was to hear the lyrics and just wondering what types of messed up things she’d been through. And I realized that I’m so used to the lyrics now that they don’t make me that uncomfortable anymore, or, well, at least not at the moment. I wonder if this is what Lana intended it to be, for the listener to be so immerged in the world she built up and told of that it becomes standard, neutral. Just this numbness of dark things that it doesn’t bother you anymore and you’re “okay” with it. Or maybe I’m thinking too much into nothing. Either way. It’s still an excellent album.
  2. I think it would be on their country album Lana mentioned last year.
  3. Love their energy, and the crowd’s energy, but it’s a bit too country for me to truly love the song.
  4. Hmm... yesterday? When was the last time you cooked/baked something homemade?
  5. I can imagine Lana sitting in a tank, but the “door” (top lid?) is open so she can look out. This is really interesting, I wonder what it would’ve looked like if they had filmed it. I imagine the cool space-sky aesthetics Love had, but that MV was made by another director so I guess it might’ve been something completely different...
  6. I’m sorry to hear that, I hope it’s not permanent damage?
  7. A thread for favorite lyrics can be found here! http://lanaboards.com/topic/2356-favourite-lana-lyrics/#comments
  8. I've been learning 3D modeling and texturing the last semester! It's fun, but I'm so bad at it lol, I need a lot more practice! I should actually continue with my 3D animation assignment which I've postponed working on all day...
  9. Clampigirl

    Tame Impala

    The disappointment I felt when I heard it was different on the album and that I didn't like it.
  10. Clampigirl

    Tame Impala

    I love Borderline, but only the single version! I never really liked the album version, the mix is different and I just never got used to it after streaming the single for so much before the album release. >___<
  11. Yeah, I was just surprised to see the (Nikki) Lane hate coming from nowhere. (at least, to me, I don't see a reason to dislike her or her friendship with Lana)
  12. @LanasLeftCheekFiller Nice! Now I wanna try to make a model for a statuette too.
  13. One hour later and I’ve finally caught up!! I’m sad I missed it all (but kinda not since I got to spend time with friends for once) since everyone were so active! I remember past Lipsters which weren’t as active in the comments, which is a bit sad considering the hard work that’s put into the ceremony... I hope it’ll be this fun next year too, and that I can join the fun with you all live! BIG CONGRATULATIONS to all the winners and runner-ups! Cherish your awards, be proud of them and of who you are, ok? Shoutout to @Niko Dealergo who has been a wonderful mod since day one! It’s been about a year since I became a mod now and it hasn’t been easy, but since you became a mod too, I feel like it’s been a bit better. I’m very grateful to work with you, and that you’ve done a great job keeping an eye on this site while I had to step away for a while to focus on my studies! Big thanks to @Elle for being an absolute legend (as always!) and hosting this year! Stunning pictures of yourself too, but I don’t think you’ve ever not been stunning in pics so that was only to be expected. And lastly, congrats @Surf Noir for being crowned as Lipster of the year! An honorable award, so glad to see you win it!
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