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  1. I think she mentioned once during the LFL era that she thought of removing her tattoos.
  2. What have I missed, why are everyone talking about a music video?
  3. Guys! One of my sunflowers is finally blooming! You know what this means... COCC is coming!!
  4. What's this I'm reading about BBC? We aren't hoping for another unannounced, mysterious BBC Radio 1 interview and premiere, are we? Is this about the re-airing of her live performances?
  5. I had to add a building from my neighborhood into the style of a 2D game (I picked Odin Sphere) and, for pass with distinction, add a character we’ve drawn previously ( The Boy from the last guardian). For someone who doesn’t really know how to use photoshop, I’m pretty proud of this. Glad it’s finished! I was having so much trouble towards the end since my laptop is a bit old and I kept running out of memory or something and had to do lots of stuff to make photoshop let me continue working. >___<
  6. Just looked at the thread name... we’ll soon have to change it I think, haha...
  7. Maybe she got them made for the video and just using them again for fun?
  8. Now I'm sad the sunflowers I planted haven't bloomed yet. they're supposed to look like this. :'c
  9. It just got midnight here and the song just stopped as I was typing this - I wasn’t expecting Lana to sing in a lighter voice! It’s been a while since she’s used it. Edit: on my second play and aah, that’s a cute giggle at 1:02.
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