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  1. Clampigirl


    Yeah it’s a shame, going to a (cheap!) concert in their hometown would’ve been awesome. It’s just that the delta variant of the virus honestly scares me, and then I have an exam on the day before or on the same day as the concert, which doesn’t make it easier for me to go lol.
  2. I listened through the new album last week, I think I’ll do again today or next week! I need to familiarize myself with it more.
  3. Clampigirl


    So I've been thinking and I'm gonna sell my tickets for Inhaler's Dublin concert on December 21st. Let me know if you're interested, I thought I'd ask you guys here first since we all really like their music.
  4. @moonbeam monsoon Thank you for the likes!
  5. For a uni assignment. I felt like making a creepy fish boy so here he is.
  6. I was making masks this summer and wanted to decorate some of them. I thought of putting the words "born to die" with fabric paint on one but then I changed my mind, thought it might be a bit on the nose if people don't get the reference.
  7. I definitely think you should make a streaming party thread and we can continue the discusison there, haha.
  8. The new Chemtrails vinyl is really pretty, but I think I’ll pass since I’m not too fond of the album.
  9. @Whore of Tropico Wait, what do you need my opinion on, I'm confused. Time zones? Sounds like a fun idea if we can get people outside of LB to join too.
  10. Has anyone ordered from Universal Germany before? They still haven't charged me for my pre-order, it's still pending in my bank, and when I read the customer service F&Q's, they say I have to make sure I let them know my order number when I make my payment? How am I supposed to do that when I'm waiting for them to charge my credit card, I don't get it? This is my second time trying to order from them (first time earlier this year, a picture disk by Inhaler - I might try to get it again later when I have money to waste again) and I don't want it to end the same way, me waiting for them to charge me and nothing happens, and my order gets cancelled. (But then again, that first time, they told me my order never went through since I never got a confirmation e-mail, but I did get to the "thank you for your purchase!" page.... Luckily, I got both the page and confirmation e-mail this time.)
  11. She’s not dead 😭
  12. This makes me sad for some reason
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