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  1. Again, I don't exactly mind that because A) it's a small glimpse into her current mindset and life, B) she delivers the lyrics so beautifully lol, and C) it paints a beautiful picture in a sense "washing my hair, doing the laundy, late night TV, I want you, honey". But then again, yeeeaaahhh, it's nothing too special. But maybe it doesn't have to. It fits the feeling of the song pretty well in my opinion.
  2. I don't mind her lyrics on the past two albums, in fact, I was positively surprised and genuinely glad to hear that they were better on Norman than LFL, but I kind of agree with you. I don't mean that her lyrics are bad, they're far from that, but she's been describing and singing about ordinary life in most songs and left that little bit of mystery she used to have in her older albums. Except for, like, Tulsa Jesus Freak which is kinda freaky in a sense. But I, too, wish to hear lyrics that make me think; me and god, we don't get along? they judge me like a picture book? lies can buy eternity? life rocked me like Mötley? etc etc I miss her world building in a sense, I guess. Lyrics like "back to work or the coffee shop", "we laugh about nothing", they are sweet, and I'm so glad Lana has found a better life for herself (if she is genuine about the things she's been singing about lately). So what I really want for this album is some interesting, clever lyrics and less about everyday life... not saying it's exactly bad , but I like to dream away when I listen to her songs. I think she's really good at that too, to describe worlds and situations and feelings.
  3. I'm guessing November 2020. In October, she was still hesistant to add Dealer to the tracklist, in December she started filming the video for White Dress and said that the vinyl production was slower than she anticipated. It was also in December when we found several tracks through Shazam.
  4. Sometimes I'm just so grateful and glad that Venice Bitch exists.
  5. Clampigirl

    London Grammar

    America was pretty good!
  6. Not thirsting over Mr Antonoff, no ma’am, not me. I can join the Banister hoe anthem movement though.
  7. Is this horny week or something, first the thirst for Jack thread and now Banisters is a hoe anthem, I-??
  8. Nah, nothing will happen this month I think. Not in May either. But in June, something will happen! We'll realize the album is postponed.
  9. I forgot about this little notebook I got as a gift a couple of years ago!
  10. This thread and the comments make me so uncomfortable
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