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  1. I think I’ll write a longer comment when it’s the 10th anniversary but for now happy birthday to one of my favorite albums, to one of my favorite album cover arts of all time, I love this record so much, I even painted Lana’s face and the word Ultraviolence on a denim jacket, with metallic studs on my shoulder blades. This album means a lot to me. Can’t believe it’s been eight years.
  2. Clampigirl


    It’s such a nice song for the summer :3
  3. Clampigirl


    New single will drop tomorrow!
  4. Sitting on a wall from like 1100-1200’s, looking out over tiled rooftops and the sea, wind in my hair and Ride blasting in my ears... life is good. Seriously, I don’t think I’ll ever tire of this song. It’s too good.
  5. Clampigirl

    Wolf Alice

    Spotify recommended me lipstick on the glass two weeks ago, and I’m finally taking time to discover this band’s music a bit more... I’m a fan.
  6. I highly doubt we'll get a summer release, but I really want one... If the album is still untitled, I think she's still working on the songs quite a bit, so I can't see a single or album release until fall, earliest. Having a new Lana album to play all summer would be so much fun though...
  7. Ahh, that must've been what I thought I remembered. That makes more sense, thanks!
  8. Is my memory really bad or didn't Lana mention that there wasn't a tour planned for this upcoming album?
  9. This, please! Also, this! I also believe she will continue writing more "openly" personal lyrics and I'm so here for it. I hope this album will only contain new songs and no old demos but I still demand justice for Yes to Heaven because I think it'll truly be a work to be remembered then. Not saying that her previous albums are forgettable, of course not, but... Yeah. I have hopes that this will be something special!
  10. I've been so busy that I've missed 65 pages of this new, wonderful, exciting thread but I am here now! I just finished reading that W Magazine piece and AAAAAAAA I am HYPED! I don't mind her being wordy, I've liked what I've heard in her more recent albums, but! I'm a bit worried about more piano ballads. Although I really like them as well. However, I did get excited when I read that her producer/composer has been adding reverb to her voice, it's giving me flashbacks to her earlier works... just hoping there won't be too much reverb! Anyway. HYPED.
  11. Thanks! I can't use more apps on my (old) phone, but your suggestion made me look for something similar: https://www.statsforspotify.com/genre/top! My top 10 genres of all time: 1. Pop 2. Permanent Wave 3. Rock 4. J-Pop 5. Dance Pop 6. Art Pop 7. Classic J-Pop 8. Modern Rock 9. Metropopolis 10. K-Pop (I had to look these up: permanent wave is apparently rock music but without catchy choruses, and metropopolis is Spotify’s made up genre which basically equals indie pop)
  12. Is there a way to find out from your spotify data?
  13. I highly doubt Lana even knows that ESC is lol. When does this start again? Wednesday?
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