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  2. lmao the day after you were like "we been knew"
  3. honestly i listened to purge the poison and it's SO much better than that boring Love and fear or whatever album
  4. Lana obviously loved Bowie along with all the other greats like Lou Reed, Stevie, etc... but can we get something inspired by Bowie on this album? Like not just lyrically but like in terms of sound...? Please? If you're gonna do a stripped back album PLEASE do something similar to Hunky Dory or something!!!!!! it'd be lovely if she did something like the guitars on Man Who Sold The World particularly The Width of A Circle (speaking of which that's getting a whole ass release so I need to add that to my "to buy" list to go along with my Metrobolist vinyl) idk i just want something entirely different again. cocc felt like the little sister of NFR, almost too little... too little in the sense that it wasn't 1000% finished cooking entirely. like it could've used something extra on over half of the songs. it's a great album i like it, and i'm glad she's ready to put more music out there but i need to hear something that's more.... rock inspired or prog inspired, come on Jack you have the capabilities to use mellotron USE IT FOR FUCK SAKE sorry guys i just needed to talk out my thoughts
  5. how is this album not even out yet and the album cover looks liked aged ass spoilt milk
  6. for once they either have the album and are staying quiet or they have no clue about anything lmao
  7. read what you wrote hoe is the best celebrity tweet at someone lmao
  8. i need another weird downatthemeninmusicbusinessconference thing where i can do my shoulders with her while she says it but this time make it more fun
  9. random dbree post says these are lyrics to blue banister lol take with a grain of salt yall know how this always goes lmao
  10. Just watched it (I don't watch the superbowl but always watch the halftime show after the fact) and I don't see how anyone couldn't have liked it. It was a good performance and at least there wasn't anything necessarily controversial that happened. The mirror room with the masks which related to the latest music videos was actually a really good idea, whoever in costumes did that needs a pay raise. I just couldn't see Taylor or anyone else doing a Halftime show and making it this interesting. She would either do her hillbilly songs she's re-releasing or her latest snoozefest of a Lana impersonation. Couldn't see that being enjoyable at all lmao
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