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  1. It means it's getting a lot of streams and it's one of the most popular songs on the album
  2. didn't VOTD get turned into the verse/pre chorus to Groupie Love tho? the melody
  3. me when black bathing suit gets to the bad girls part
  4. Lana and her friends in 30 years still dancing to the backbeat playing just for her
  5. so will we get hey blue baby and stupid for being happy on the country album? we should. and is this american standards album the same as the country album?
  6. i love how lana ignored the fact that taylor secman name thing lmaooo she was like "oh i have no idea that's so weird" girl bye
  7. wait wait wait, what???? DID ANYONE RECORD THIS LIVE?!?!?! the first step for what's to come. maybe that means more unreleased songs finally being released? not sure if i like the idea of that, i like new stuff lol stop it lol
  8. Did anyone ask if she's working on another album already? we need another pre-pre-release thread
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