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  1. This isn't about being a bum and a fraud. Russia invaded Ukraine unprovoked. This has been going on for a long time, they've been standing around their borders for years waiting for the call to invade. The problem is, if Russia takes Ukraine, what's stopping them from taking Latvia? Lituania? Belarus? Poland? Belarus's president would bend over backwards for Putin anyway, but the point is -- this is Hitler territory. Putin has moved women and children, families, into concentration camps. Putin has fucking shelled neighborhoods, and for what? Because you want to take over another country, so you're going to destroy it first??? What sense does that make? How is that useful at all to anyone involved? It's like this. You see a Tesla driving down the road. You decide you want to run into it. Then, when insurance has paid and the Tesla has been totalled out, you then offer the owner $1 to buy it because "I've wrecked it, the least I can do is take it off your hands :)" What Putin is trying to go after here is oil. Just like America has done in meddling in the Middle East, it's usually because of oil disputes. That's the root cause. Russia has a lot of oil deposits they can drill from, but Ukraine also has tons of oil deposits. And wheat. It'd be beneficial to Russia if Ukraine became part of Russia again and Russia could exploit the then-former Ukraine for it's oil and strengthen its economy. It's all a game of money here. It's sad because people have died because of it, but that's the root cause. If Russia left Ukraine alone in the first place, things would be fine. Russia would be able to trade like they used to with other countries, they'd be able to have open tourism, etc. I can't tell if you're a Putin simp or not, but he's not some nice guy. He had all the opportunity in the world to change his mind, world leaders called him to talk him down and he decided to do what he wanted to do. Putin should be assassinated for treason -- he has fucked his country and citizens at this point, knowing full well what he was doing. Bread costs more right now because of Putin's actions. Gasoline costs more because of Putin. Getting the Soviet Union back together will not work like he thinks it will and that's kind of what it looks like his end goal might've been, but he can't even take on Ukraine, so I guess we'll see where it goes from here. Clearly nobody has the balls to stop Putin, everyone's just been giving money to Ukraine and telling them "figure it out" like a college kid out of money with bills due and their parents can afford to help. ~~ This part isn't meant to be part of my reply to this post, but I will say, Ukraine should've been given NATO membership years ago when the Canadians went over and trained them for membership. NATO fucked up here and part of them blame should be on them.
  2. When The Sun Hits by Slowdive should've been on the soundtrack
  3. Sorry I snapped yesterday, I was just so sick and tired of reading about it.
  4. Considering I just lost my grandma this year who was the same age, 96 and i disagreed heavily with how she spent her life.... everyone of you in this thread who is being extremely disrespectful can politely fuck off. Sure, you can remember and point out some things you disagree with that she did, but she hasn't even been dead for a full fucking 24 hours and some of you are talking about how bad she was and blah blah blah. The worst part about it is some of you are proving how some in the gay community (which is a large part of the people on this forum) can be so accepting, so pro-women but can turn around and be so fucking blatantly misogynistic within the same sentence, which sucks because I don't feel I belong there. It's disgusting. We can talk about her wrong doings in another place at another time, but holy fuck. Can the poor woman rest for a day before she's cremated by all of you? You're so woke, do something better with your time other than belittling a 96 year old woman who died today. She was a WW2 mechanic. The woman's family is dealing with the death of their mom, grandma, great grandma, etc. Ffs, I hope you never have to deal with a death and meanwhile you're shamed just for existing. Thank fuck the royal family have no idea any of us exist on this site. Maybe I'm over reacting, but i really don't give a shit. The best part is, you're not even from the UK or any of those areas you're talking about. So why do you have a say in anything about it anyway? It doesn't affect you. I'm from the US so really, her death doesn't affect me much either, but I can still be respectful. She was kind, funny, she made people laugh a lot, she was elegant, she was beautiful and I don't care what any of you say, you should learn from her to be your best self, even when you make bad choices or decisions that affect someone else. I'm working on that myself. I'm gonna take a break from this site for a while. I'll be participating in the book club on sundays and i might do a status here and there, but I'm not really comfortable being here right now. Don't put me on voluntary leave please, I'll be back but I'm kind of done here for right now. Might be a week, might be a day, might be a year. Idk... I'm just over it.
  5. Long live the queen i love her so much, she was so sweet. There was a rainbow over the castle, it was like her saying goodbye
  6. There really wasn't much that was released before Born To Die. AKA was released and the Kill Kill EP which was pulled I believe for the same reason https://lanadelrey.fandom.com/wiki/Kill_Kill_(EP) Other than that, I'm not aware of anything else actually being released to iTunes, Apple Music/Spotify, etc. There were a few tracks released on YouTube and Myspace though, too, so idk if you'd count them if they weren't made available to purchase
  7. People complain about literally everything. Her body is hot, idc what anyone says. Look at those fucking THIGHS my god. I'd DIE to be her. Like, look at her. What's also strange is people complaining about her outfit, that she should be wearing Gucci bc she's rich. Yall, she literally fucking said Chuck would be so mad at her if she became a fashion icon bc Lana sucks at fashion... which she did and now she goes out to have a good day with her family and she's shamed for wearing what she thinks is comfortable? Fucking fuck off. Yeah it's hot, she's in a fucking BELLY SHIRT CUT OFF, DESPITE GETTING FAT SHAMY COMMENTS. that's another thing too. she's not even fucking fat. did she get thicccc during covid? abso-fucking-lutely, didn't we all gain some weight????? expecting her to be a fucking twig is so weird to me. she doesn't even have a fucking fupa. there's a difference between being fat and being thiccc. there's also a difference between being skinny and being anorexic-ly thin. look into karen carpenter and her eating disorders. anyway i guess this has much to do about nothing, but i'm not here for shitty comments. i guess that's why i only look in her comments to see if she said something else not in the original posts she makes. i love her, but i can't stand seeing all the shit she gets just for living and being a fucking human. like fuck, let her have some chili. let her have some fucking manicotti. she went through a break up last year (2? i can't remember), went through losing her grandma within the last year, she's dealing with real human shit behind the scenes and we have people telling her she's fat and her outfit is ugly? grow up, quit embarrassing yourself.
  8. Saturday I think it was, my boyfriend and I finished watching season 4 of Westworld and then we watched the movie and honestly… just watch the show, it’s much better in quality, writing, acting, everything.
  9. what the fuck? this is almost as scary as when lana gets those creepy messages and calls and letters from stalkers outside her house. what the actual fuck. i guess if this ever happens again, fuck it, don't respond, let ben or ed actually reach out to you before making any moves. or at least, some sort of official email. people could say anything and make it seem real. this is still really fucking weird.
  10. I don't really like this take because I go to music stores around me, like local record shops, and I find Violet on vinyl and on cd, despite it being spoken word. They even have a spoken word section in the records and cds and they still place Violet along with Lana's traditional albums. It has background music, Lana counts it, so it counts
  11. THE BELLY SHIRT THE BRAIDED PIG TAILS HER GIGGLES how does she look so H O T in everything? UGHHHH i hate her so much for it, she could literally wear a napkin between her titties with mustard on it and make it look good
  12. aka was released on iTunes, that's how we have it. it was pulled from digital retailers like 3 months after release and physicals never shipped, but it still released and was still an album.
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