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  1. djurdjura

    Taylor Swift

    the bar was too high
  2. has anything leaked yet
  3. it's fine, i got the impression from the comparison. SA protects american (and by proxy, israeli) interests in the region, an alliance is natural for the time being. and my enemy's enemy is my friend.
  4. lmao i'm sorry to be the one to tell you this but the us isn't cracking down on iran to save the gays
  5. the land of Cyrus the Great, the first to establish human rights and to protect minorities
  6. what in the mental illness is this thread
  7. then explain @The Stargirl Pinky
  8. djurdjura

    Taylor Swift

    moonstone blue cover supremacy
  9. wasn't expecting kanye to fart midway through his verse
  10. that kanye collab was so unexpected
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