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  1. elevator supremacy! her best electropop song i fear
  2. souvlaki

    Kim Petras

    no but it needs to
  3. the duality, i love it
  4. 1. Born to Die + Paradise 2. Ultraviolence 3. Honeymoon 4. A.K.A Lizzy Grant 5. Norman fucking Rockwell! 6. Lust for Life 7. Chemtrails Over the Country Club 8. Blue Banisters
  5. souvlaki

    Kim Petras

    i would kill for this tracklist for Era 1. yes im a dreamer I Don't Want It At All Hillside Boys Heart to Break Hills (feat. Baby E) Slow It Down Can't Do Better All the Time Sex Up for Fun (feat. Doja Cat & Azealia Banks) If U Think About Me… Dark Part of Your Heart 1,2,3 dayz up (feat. SOPHIE)
  6. souvlaki

    Kim Petras

    thinking about the problematique snippet that leaked but isn't the only reason why she's even considered problematic is because she works with dr. luke? like girl no….
  7. souvlaki

    Chase Icon

    where's her grammy…
  8. souvlaki

    Azealia Banks

    i've enjoyed watching you go down this pipeline
  9. Go Go Dancer! i'm your go-go dancer, midnight answer, jukebox sweetheart, queen of the night…
  10. souvlaki

    Song vs. Song

    Trash Magic vs Wayamaya
  11. souvlaki

    Song vs. Song

    True Love On the Side vs Velvet Crowbar
  12. souvlaki

    Song vs. Song

    Pin Up Galore vs Disco
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