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  1. beautiful and violets for roses are such growers for me. on initial listen i wasn’t the biggest fan, but they really did find their way into my heart very quickly and this album as a whole has, too. while i still think the trio is a bit basic sounding and doesn’t fit the album, i don’t 100% mind it. every other song on this record is absolutely gorgeous, and i can’t stop listening to black bathing suit, IYLDWM, beautiful, violets for roses, dealer, and thunder. just a perfect 6-track run. WFWF and Cherry Blossom are both really pretty, but not quite my favs. Nectar, however, is growing on me quite a bit as well. I’ve always loved it as an unreleased song, but when i saw it was going to be on the album, I was skeptical if anything. But after having some time to digest the album, I think it fits perfectly into the sonic landscape she created with this album. Sweet Carolina is just… wow. her vocals on this one blow me away every time. this is a great album and I’m happy Lana still has music like this in her. as of now, my album ranking is as follows, though it is always subject to change: Honeymoon Ultraviolence Norman Fucking Rockwell! Blue Banisters / Born To Die (Tied) Paradise Chemtrails Over The Country Club Lust for Life
  2. the trio is fun but i feel like it doesn’t fit this album at all 😭 i really like every other song on this album and think it flows smoothly but i think arcadia would’ve flowed into black bathing suit just fine tbh.
  3. lanaboards arguments are so funny and pointless like
  4. this is random but i wish she’d re-record wolf t-shirt for this album
  5. yassgrenade

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    i would say alternative / prog rock. it reminds me of coldplay and kate bush with the piano melody, with a nine inch nails trent reznor style vocal. pretty good!
  6. best song on each track listing placement 1. Honeymoon 2. OTTR 3. Venice Bitch 4. Brooklyn Baby 5. West Coast soon to be beaten by BLACK BATHING SUIT 6. Freak 7. Art Deco 8. Yosemite 9. California 10. Salvatore 11. The Greatest AND The Blackest Day 12. Black Beauty 13. Happiness is a ButtefLIVING LEGENG 14. Heroin 15. Is This HappineSWEET CAROLINA 16. Flipside
  7. yeah my bathing suits pretty cool but it’s not as cool as me im an arcadia babyyyyyy im an arcadia babyyyyyy (fame, fame, fame, fame, fame…) WHATEVERS ON TONIGHT I JUST WANNA PARTY WITH YOU TOPANGAS HOT TONIGHT IM TAKING OFF MY BLACK BATHING SUIT
  8. true but i meant more in that soft slow rock vibe. arcadia is definitely in my top 20 released LDR songs i think though.
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