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  1. this era has such a fun and intriguing energy around it. pre-releases are always my favorite time cause honestly not knowing what’s gonna happen is often more exciting than having all the information right away. i remember when she announced cocc with that little instagram video of her on set of the video, or when she randomly dropped the album trailer for lust for life with no warning. i’ve been part of every pre-release era since honeymoon, but i’ve been a fan since age first released ultraviolence, and wow. it’s been a ride. i really can’t wait to see how she plans on surprising us this time. i hope she checks up on this thread and finds this so she can know just how much i love and adore her 🥹
  2. this is the experience of an AMERICAN WHORE when i look back tracing fingertips over plastic bags
  3. the blackest day vs off to the races i will keep OTTR in this battle if it kills me
  4. if she doesn’t, i hope there’s at least one song that feels somewhat princess soundtrack adjacent. kinda like the way NFR’s intro strings / mellotron are
  5. i feel like there will be a lyrical reference to mermaids on one song of the album
  6. us not knowing what this magazine article is about / if its even official / if it’s even real is giving me flashbacks to when we got that fake article that said chemtrails was reminiscent of kate bush’s the dreaming 😭
  7. tbh i don’t give a fuck if she plays the entire born to die album all the way through im just excited for her to be on stage again. can’t wait to watch the livestream and see all those fans smiling faces and see her PERFORM again ugh. this is so surreal considering i wasnt sure if she was gonna do ANY shows any time soon.
  8. we need to take time to appreciate the weeks before the album comes out soon, we will have heard it and it will no longer be a mystery to us and that’s so exciting to me
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