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  1. LDR9 in my wildest dreams would be NFR part 2 but i don’t think anyone will ever top that album so i know how unrealistic that wish is 💔 edit- before anyone says that COCC or BB are basically NFR 2, please go actually listen to those albums before you speak. thank you.
  2. i would kill for a dolly parton cover or an orville peck collab tbh
  3. at the end of the day, lana will do what she wants. i don’t agree with everything the woman has ever done or said, but i’m still a fan. she’s been a huge part of my life for a long time and even though chemtrails and blue banisters aren’t necessarily my favorite albums of hers, i still enjoy them thoroughly and listen to them just about as much as the rest of her catalog. she has yet to release an album i actually dislike fully, and i don’t think she’ll start now.
  4. i agree that an artist does owe their fans in some respect but the only thing an artist truly owes to their fans is mutual respect. that goes both ways however and fans do owe artists respect as well. however, artists do not owe fans whatever they want in their sound. it may be a business, but it’s also art and if i were an artist this far along in my career, i’d make whatever the hell i wanted regardless of whether or not i thought my fans would be into it. true fans don’t care what style their favorite artist is dipping their toe into - they’ll listen regardless. if they don’t like it, that’s okay, too. they don’t have to. but thousands of other people will love it regardless and continue to listen to it and those are the people that will buy and stream, etc. no one is more or less of a fan for liking / not liking certain genres, and lana owes no one anything. she’s given many great albums that everyone can always go back and listen to if that’s more their taste than whatever she decides to put out in the future. PS, sorry if my tone comes across as rude in any way. this is just me attempting to contribute to civil discourse. <3
  5. the song was a bit underwhelming, sure. but BAD? i don’t agree with that at all.
  6. so did everyone just ignore this https://www.instagram.com/p/CcHYZ4rLjDe/?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y=
  7. omg can you imagine a rerecorded aka with those type of vibes. if she rearranged the tracklist and did fully orchestrated instrumentals for the gothic castle half and industrial synth-heavy dark pop instrumentals for the berlin rave half. if i were in charge of the tracklist it would look something like this. PART ONE: The Mermaid Motel 1. Queen of the Gas Station 2. For K, Part II 3. Gramma 4. Smarty 5. Mermaid Motel 6. Jump 7. Brite Lites PART TWO: MISSISSIPPI SOUTH 1. Kill Kill 2. Oh Say, Can You See? 3. Raise Me Up (Mississippi South) 4. Put Me In A Movie 5. Disco 6. Yayo 7. For K, Part I
  8. i hope her new music is in this vein tbh… gothic, cinematic, and with a strong walking through a dark castle on a warm summer night type vibe. https://youtu.be/rdf62fcwmeA
  9. on our way and disco are so underrated to me
  10. west coast was one of the first few lana songs i’d heard, after summertime sadness, video games, dark paradise, and burning desire all had me hooked as a casual listener. i remember going on spotify and searching her up after hearing all those songs, and west coast was her most recent release. i played it, and i knew from that moment on i was gonna become obsessed with her. and then i heard brooklyn baby once that dropped and was just absolutely engulfed in her music by that point. honeymoon was the first album i listened to on release day but ultraviolence was when i knew i was a fan. <3
  11. beautiful and violets for roses are such growers for me. on initial listen i wasn’t the biggest fan, but they really did find their way into my heart very quickly and this album as a whole has, too. while i still think the trio is a bit basic sounding and doesn’t fit the album, i don’t 100% mind it. every other song on this record is absolutely gorgeous, and i can’t stop listening to black bathing suit, IYLDWM, beautiful, violets for roses, dealer, and thunder. just a perfect 6-track run. WFWF and Cherry Blossom are both really pretty, but not quite my favs. Nectar, however, is growing on me quite a bit as well. I’ve always loved it as an unreleased song, but when i saw it was going to be on the album, I was skeptical if anything. But after having some time to digest the album, I think it fits perfectly into the sonic landscape she created with this album. Sweet Carolina is just… wow. her vocals on this one blow me away every time. this is a great album and I’m happy Lana still has music like this in her. as of now, my album ranking is as follows, though it is always subject to change: Honeymoon Ultraviolence Norman Fucking Rockwell! Blue Banisters / Born To Die (Tied) Paradise Chemtrails Over The Country Club Lust for Life
  12. the trio is fun but i feel like it doesn’t fit this album at all 😭 i really like every other song on this album and think it flows smoothly but i think arcadia would’ve flowed into black bathing suit just fine tbh.
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