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  1. Here's my discogs! Half of my collection is Lana lol. I'm not that consistent at logging so I probably forgot a few https://www.discogs.com/user/kylewoolridgegrant @mansfield ringer I'm so jealous that you have Alias I ain't paying $290
  2. They're not an insider, I think they just assumed it was the cover from her post
  3. I've finally completed my Lana colored vinyl collection not counting the blue BTD just waiting for the blue and green VBBOTG variants to be delivered! I don't plan on collecting all of her picture discs though (missing UV and two from COCC). Blue banisters better not have as many variants as chemtrails otherwise my bank account is over
  4. I wouldn't be mad Feels like sugar in meeeee It actually fits the "rock candy sweet" vibe quite nicely
  5. This gives me tame impala slow rush vibes lol I might make this the cover
  6. no but seriously reading this thread makes me uncomfy
  7. The new interior of the store is so cuteeee I, for one, love the woman wolf design. I will be getting the mug, pin, and maybe even the t-shirt The other pins look cute too but $15 each is a little steep Same, I thought they would be in this drop! I might just settle for the black sun and moon hoodie instead
  8. I was expecting it to be longer but she did all my favorite songs so it's okay My favorite part was the overhead shot of her twerking in the water at the beginning of te pongo mal
  9. Here's a picture of the "candle in the wind"
  10. I would definitely have to say her look at Malahide Castle
  11. It was this picture and the caption was "Lana says visit the village" or something lolz
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