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  1. boz said that the title track isn't produced by jack but whadda bout the rest of the album??
  2. it's cute, hopefully the album is stronger as a whole
  3. her and clay are so cute, i hope they're back together (if they ever broke up in the first place).
  4. 8 hours ago i thought she was trolling. now, here i am, back on train delulu. lana is so powerful...
  5. if she took away that ugly ass camera border and the text, it would look okay. just okay.
  6. this is what happens when ben and ed, managers of the century, let an artist just do what the fuck they want. she needs some sort of structure because now she's just going off the rails.
  7. i would love to just.. spend a day in her mind to understand why she does the things she does..
  8. https://www.instagram.com/p/COLIii2FB_R/?igshid=12461ssyuh28r New Album, "Happier than Ever", OUT July 30th! Single is out this Thursday!!
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