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  1. im so underwhelmed by this pre-release unfortunately :/ i just wish she gave chemtrails more time to breathe. i get covid fucked up the era and everything but I'd be lying if i said i didn't miss the days of the honeymoon and lust for life eras where my entire life was centered around what she was doing.
  2. her being active is so cute today
  3. okay so i hate comparing her albums, but i also live for lists and rankings so I'm gonna attempt to rank her albums with Cocc based on my personal preference and then rank Cocc itself. Albums Ranking: Honeymoon Norman Fucking Rockwell! Ultraviolence Chemtrails Over the Country Club Born To Die Lust for Life Songs Ranking: White Dress - This is actually really close to becoming my favorite Lana song, period. Yosemite Dark But Just a Game Not All Who Wander Are Lost Wild At Heart Tulsa Jesus Freak Dance Till We Die Chemtrails Over the Country Club For Free Breaking Up Slowly Let Me Love You Like A Woman - Not a bad song by any means, though i thought that on initial listens, but it has grown a lot on me now that the entire record is out. There's not really a bad or even misplaced song on this album, its kind of her most "perfect" and concise tracklist as there's no filler, where i feel that all her other albums have at least one filler song, even Honeymoon.
  4. my target vinyl came in the mail! it looks and SOUNDS gorgeous. i can tell im gonna spin white dress a million times
  5. i feel like we got a little hint of what dealer will sound like in the dance till we die bridge
  6. that happened to me too 😭 except on FedEx it's telling me that there's no longer an expected delivery date, so i basically have no clue when it's coming :/
  8. sorry i keep gushing about this album but i really wasn't expecting to love it so much. god there is so much beautiful softness and sensuality on this record. it feels like the perfect album for a rainy morning, or a sleepless night, or a cool desert afternoon. it sort of feels like she's moving in a different direction here than she was with her past 6 albums. norman felt like the culmination of everything she'd been trying to perfect since AKA. this feels different. where those albums all felt like she was journaling and perfecting her writing game, this album feels like she's more focused on musicality, melody, vocals, and sonics. even though i would describe this as her most skeletal album yet when it comes to the instrumentals, the softness of it all is what sets it apart. while honeymoon is soft, too, it was still backed by huge orchestras and light slowed trap beats. this album goes all the way soft, with mostly just guitars pianos, and live drums (with few exceptions), and i think that's what makes it work for me. i also finally feel like there's no longer a desire for me to compare her works with one another; they're all so different.
  9. the second verse of DBJAG is so sad and dark. I was a pretty little thing and God, I loved to sing but nothing came from either one but pain but, fuck it.
  10. i can't stop listening to white dress. i think it's genuinely my favorite Lana song. I've never felt more personally connected to a song before. sure, its a very specific song lyrically. (particularly the orlando and men in music business conference lyrics) but it's so funny that she released it while I'm also 19, trying to find myself, living for the little moments where i feel invincible, no matter how sparse. ugh, I've been so sick these past few days and haven't gotten any better. this album has helped me bare through the pain, though. it's definitely not my favorite of her albums (norman, honeymoon, and ultra will always be my holy trinity) but it's definitely top 4. it's such a good springtime album.
  11. had anyone brought any attention to the lyrical parallels between hope is a dangerous thing for a woman like me to have - but i have it and white dress? I've been tearing up town in my fucking white gown When I was a waitress, wearing a white dress / Look how I do this, look how I got this Serving up God in a burnt coffee pot for the triad It made me feel, it made me feel like a God I was reading Slim Aarons when I got to thinkin', that I thought Sun stare, don't care with my head in my hands / Thinking of a simpler time Maybe I'd get less stressed if I was tested less like all of these debutantes Kind of makes me feel, like maybe I was better off
  12. they're definitely not being used as a trend. they were using masks so that no one on the set got covid lol.
  13. and while the whole world is craaaaazy we're gettin high in the parking lot
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