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  1. This is so heartwarming to see. I’m so proud to see what Elle has turned this site into & the opportunities she’s given us like this is iconic!!
  2. Seconding an ultraviolence theme. Would LOVE that sooooo much. Ha best album wbk!
  3. Oh my god she’s planning a terrorist attack?
  4. The wait for the next record wouldn’t be half as hard if we could just get some fresh leaks… I more need UV era music UGHHHH
  5. LANA IS ANNOUNCING HER NEW SINGLE TODAY!!!! to delulu land bitches
  6. wow, I never realised how thin she was! She looks stunning here- and normally looks stunning at any weight I just want to say so no one thinks I’m one of *those* ppl …
  7. There’s no way she’s dropping a country album when she’s out and about wearing a necklace that says slut…….. girl is going to serve.. I just know it
  8. i woke up from a Lana dream songs called “You Need More” (or something like that) and “Screeching Lich” ?? the first one she kept singing “you want whaaaat? Mooooore, you need whaaaaat? Mooreeee” and the second one was a music video on a really grand yacht like some type of titanic vibes and We had come across like 10 new songs but it was from a leak? From like a weird short film taking place on this yacht that Lana had helped to direct and come up with the soundtrack for absolutely no clue what the fuck screeching lich is about tho very odd !
  9. Pale Fire


    Personally I’m very against the whole “my wealthy relative bought my career” thing
  10. Pale Fire


    is this not just lordes sister…… ?
  11. a frog told me that the album is going to be atmospheric, a return to form, and that she has a 9 minute track about staring at a brick wall and having an out of body experience
  12. Pale Fire

    Charli XCX

    this is BEYOND stunning. Jaw droppingly beautiful
  13. of course! But I just think it’s in really poor taste to be kind of celebrating / rejoicing in her death. tbh I’m not a fan of the royal family whatsoever, but I’ve always really admired the queen- very dedicated to her country and her people
  14. I think some people are being really callous for no good reason yall, the queen has been like a mother / grandmother figure for a vast amount of British & commonwealth nations people. This is a really sad day. I knew she had passed when I saw the bbc presenters wearing black, hours before it was announced. And did you see the note get passed around parliament in the UK? That for me was like “yep. She’s gone.” Heartbreaking day for a lot of ppl today!
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