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  1. Is anyone else completely disappointed by the new song & the music video that both go absolutely nowhere ????
  2. if she gives us chemtrails, the covers album and an unreleased album in 2021.....
  3. Not my friends messaging me asking if I heard about Lana getting engaged
  4. omg fuck you for reminding me that she dropped a “””””””music video””””””” for LMLYLAW. That shit is sooo fucking horrible to watch I had completely erased it from my mind. A stain on her videography. A STAIN!
  5. advertisements in America are really something else...... here's a tablet for breast cancer that MIGHT help you live longer but it has 40 different side effects which will probably kill you? ask your doctor about it today? what the fuck am I watching
  6. generous queen giving us the title track 6 months+ before the album!
  7. Pale Fire

    Kali Uchis

    This album is sooooo fucking good, I was so hesitant about her doing a Spanish album but it’s awesome. Telepatia the best song wbk
  8. imagine ranking her magnum opus Ultraviolence anything lower than #1....... couldn’t be me it’s her best album wbk
  9. soko is lowkey better, and actually releases music!
  10. I feel like at this point she’s almost begging for the album to leak so that she can get some decent publicity when she drops the album “early”
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