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  1. We need a sultry summer sexy druggy psychedelic album Lana…….. you’re only getting older girlie, serve us up some more sad hops before you go all in on your cowgirl Nikki Lane shit
  2. No seriously though Americans are fucking crazy. The fact that your entire political system is soooooo skewed to the right that you think people like Bernie / AOC etc are political extremists is so fucking sad. Your entire system is fucked. It makes me so upset for ppl living (surviving) there
  3. This is a very sad day for humanity. i feel like the western world is crumbling, America in particular, which is meant to be the pillar of freedom and prosperity and all that jazz. What the fuck is happening
  4. I need to see more of this….! More Sean exposed screenshots pls
  5. Can we get a dragon slayer snippet while we wait… pls…!
  6. as soon as I saw the thread title I was like “shades of cool is Libra.” And of course it is… That song is like the fucking theme song of my life rn
  7. Someone called Clayton just matched w me on a dating app… I’m in my Lana era girlies, ask me to predict something about the album
  8. Happy birthday to the greatest album ever written- Ultraviolence id like to use this moment to BEG the gods that the next album is just at least half as passionate, raw and beautiful as this record
  9. Pale Fire


    So glad it’s out but it was kinda meh for me I am a diehard SZA fan but they don’t match the quality of the original album tracks at all glad we have these tho! But like.. there’s a few other (better) unreleased that I was sad didn’t make the cut. hoping this means we finally get shirt & the new album rollout
  10. ok but a surprise release album would be amazing. She probably has an album ready to go atm… would be SO iconic. The MELTDOWNS! Imagine waking up to 11-16 unheard, brand new, studio recorded Lana tracks…. Worldwide wig evaporation
  11. Honestly haven’t been digging her stuff that much the last few albums. i LOVED my woman. Amazing album. And I loved all mirrors. But everything since hasn’t hit me the same. Love the last few tracks on this. Big time is very beautiful
  12. Idk who the fk Jenny Lewis is so she can’t be that big…
  13. Okay but that is such a fucking concept…… I wanna see it alongside her ‘bombastic’ songs with Jack and some more of her TLSP songs…. Boom, album. LFL was for the fans in that it had a variety of different types of songs so that there was something for each fan’s tastes
  14. The fact that she did a song for Euphoria and it wasn’t something insanely dark and over the top is such a fucking loss Imagine something with production like this
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