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  1. Ok but since we on this topic Shades of Cool is probably her objectively best song… lyrics, production, vocals, it’s got it all. Every second of that song goes so much harder than it had to, and I am so grateful for that
  2. I think ppl have a right to be critical/disappointed or whatever. we were pretty misled by the “insiders”, and it’s a song for pretty much the biggest show in the world right now, so I think a lot of people expected something a lot more than what we got. It’s still Def a cute song. Doesn’t have a lot of replay value for me but ya know it is what it is
  3. Yeah I like the song but y’all r right it goes nowhere and she needs to ditch this vocal style This could’ve really hit my UV-spot if it weren’t for the vocals :-( but it’s a good track regardless, just not what I’d expect for… the soundtrack for the biggest show in the world rn
  4. Imagine if we get a music video…. Surely we’re getting a music video for such a big song… right….. pray with me girls, manifesting
  5. the absolute serve though if she gives us this slow burn, beautiful track and then comes back later in the season with a JAM.
  6. Controversial perhaps but I kind of don’t care too much for the high voice she sings in now- like we hear when she sings WCE over and over. Just me? It still sounds nice but idk compared to her other vocal styles it just ain’t it for me. Maybe cause it feels like we’ve heard so much of it in the last few years
  7. Predicting that it’ll chart briefly, born to die ends up back on the billboard 200 again, and tons of people start streaming her catalog.
  8. The snippets are giving me horror cinematic vibes. Like literally the type of almost poorly-fitting song that plays during a terrifying scene but it works?? it’s kind of giving me slight eraserhead heaven vibes, or like this movie trailer for You’re Next where Perfect Day starts playing-
  9. I don’t watch euphoria so if anyone wanna hit me with a screen cap of the scene with the UV poster it’d be dope Anyway the teaser sounds great, and the pics she posted tonight? Whew mama………. (thank god she opened Honeymoon again so I could follow, bless her) anyway I’m pumped for the song but I need her to bring back the low, husky vocals….. desperately. and darker soundscapes.
  10. The way someone warned me about the scat and yet I clicked on the image file anyway….
  11. Not trying to brag but I was literally going to comment “watercolour eyes” when all we knew about the title was watermelon and WCE but I was like no no some bitch will be like “that doesn’t contain watermelon in the title” and I’ll be so embarrassed Whoever said watermelon was in the title, I’m coming for you, you stole my moment the other day smh
  12. Oh my god give me 5 mins to fix that post real quick… why is the pen tool transparent edit: fixed bbs
  13. Just so we’re clear on who started the whole “being called out via snippets” trend
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