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  1. Sis the album came out literally less than a month ago why you talking about it like it dropped in the 90s
  2. if we don’t get an Ultraviolence 2.0 we RIOT, girlies! Seriously though........ why the fuck she stopped making such godly, perfect music I’ll never understand. This is your reminder to listen to UV deluxe and light some incense and call upon the gods to deliver us an iconic Lana album full of HEAT
  3. this website is really too much some times
  4. Pale Fire

    Sufjan Stevens

    Ok but where is Carrie & Lowell 2? We need a follow up with that sound and iconic lyricism and melodies
  5. tbh as much as I enjoyed chemtrails, I listened to it like 4 times after it leaked and haven’t gone back drop the album you made with Alex Turner, sis.
  6. I probably won’t even listen to this once
  7. I fucking hate country music. If it’s country she can keep it. We don’t need hillbilly music
  8. She might just be deciding to drop the album she did with Alex Turner and co ? Which means yeah Thunder could totally be on it. This could be reaaaallly gooooood
  9. If this is it, I'm signing off Miss doing nothin' the most of all Hawaii just missed that fireball L.A. is in flames‚ it's getting hot Ariana’s getting darker as the days go on "Life on Mars?" ain't just a song I hope the live stream's almost on
  10. I really stayed up to watch.... that the random fading in and out of Lana..... the random people in masks roller skating.... this video was a mess
  11. actually what I heard was that Lana was so disgusted by Nikki’s nasally Miley Cyrus-sounding voice that she said (word for word) “fuck this nasty ass bitch we ain’t giving her credits on this song” because at that time the physicals had already been pressed and it was too late!
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