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  1. Dealer Boulevard

    Song vs. Song

    Unidentified Flying Bill vs Yosemite
  2. Dealer Boulevard

    Song vs. Song

    Living Legend vs Unidentified Flying Bill
  3. Music To Watch Boys To
  4. I always was a big fan of Text Book but recently I love it even more I love the production so so much , the tempo changes, the OUTRO it also sounds so good during a Thunderstorm or while smoking on the terrace watching the stars. It really has become one of my favourite Lana song
  5. I also want this album to slay like 13 Beaches, especially since she mentioned they added orchestra
  6. Lorde - Solar Power 1. The Path 2. Solar Power 3. California 4. Stoned At The Nail Salon 5. The Man With The Axe 6. Dominoes 7. Hold No Grudge 8. Secrets From A Girl 9. Mood Ring 10. Leader Of The New Regime 11. Fallen Fruit 12. Oceanic Feeling Don't drag me , the album grew on me these days but still I'm not the biggest fan of Helen Of Troy & Big Star ( but it's heartbreaking that it's about her dead dog) If I wanna listen to them I put them as the Bonus Tracks 13. Helen Of Troy 14. Big Star Or I would include them like this :
  7. To continue the Arcadia love; The little instrumental part after the first chorus is so fucking beautiful
  8. Omg they are so beautiful If they are real I think they could be from early COCC era , like before she went blonde. Maybe autumn 2019
  9. We are an entire circus but what's new
  10. The way that there is probably an alternative universe in which Lana announced the album today
  11. Lana is probably reading this thread right now with her friends & they are all laughing
  12. Lana is busy bathing with her cats right now, she will post later
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