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  1. PeroxidePrincess


    To me it's impossible to dislike an album that has Saint, Arisen My Senses, The Gate, Losss, Courtship, Future Forever
  2. PeroxidePrincess


    So...can we say we'll have a little Big Time Sensuality moment on the new album?
  3. A few days before the premiere I tried to have a big listening session of all her albums from AKA to Chemtrails but it didn't work out because I didn't plan it correctly Maybe I'll try again on Halloween, this time with Blue Banisters uwu
  4. You're probably right. TikTok is a foreign territory to me
  5. Yosemite would've made it big like Dealer if she hadn't been sitting on it for like 5 years
  6. PeroxidePrincess


    Every time Björk drops an album it's like, a life-defining moment. In 2017, so when she dropped Utopia, I was in the last class of middle school and so much happend since then. I can't wait for another milestone
  7. PeroxidePrincess


    https://www.stereogum.com/2165063/bjork-new-album-details/news/ She'll be making bops everyone move
  8. Imagine a completely different album rollout, where she released Black Bathing Suit as the lead single, then Arcadia, Dealer and Thunder
  9. I swear I must be the only one who likes the apocalyptic drums in the climax
  10. It's nice of them they did it quickly...we had to wait quite some time for them to fix the crackling sounds in the 1st chorus of HIAB
  11. The way AJayll cried during Text Book already...sis should join LB
  12. Black Bathing Suit watching Thunder and Dealer fighting to dethrone it in the poll
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