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  1. I’ve always wanted to go to Chicago mainly because that’s where shameless is based but I def can’t go cuz I live in utah… hopefully she does a tour
  2. You guys need to watch this reaction/evaluation of A&W done by a therapist. It completely changed my perspective on the song. https://youtu.be/UgD5r80-NO0
  3. Oh shit I’ve seen this picture before but the clouds and birds threw me off, sorry! Wasn’t meant to be rude
  4. Idk about the time but I’m pretty sure your profile picture is edited btw
  5. I really want the pink shirt but if I get a shirt with Lana’s tittys on them I’ll probably be killed cuz I live in mormon town
  6. What song do you guys think is Lana’s favorite on the new record? Personally I think she likes candy necklace most. Or maybe A&W because of that post. Idk
  7. Omg yayyy ok if u ever need Spanish help again lmk
  8. Ok got it, I’ll let u know if I find anything worth while
  9. Ok can you give me a link of where to read? And then I can tell you what’s happening
  10. I speak fluent Spanish what do you need help with?
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