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  1. forgive me if this is long, but I want backstory with it!!! So Paolo De Gregorio is an Italian producer who was living in Brooklyn around 2007 when he signed up to be a juror for a songwriting competition, which a young Lizzy Grant was apart of. He thought she had potential and invited her to his studio to record some stuff for free (generous king!) and they ended up recording two songs in the session. One being "Rahab" (which has a separate mix titled "Rahab II") and another, unknown song which he previously described to another user on here back in 2017 as a "4-5 minute blues ballad." He told them back then that he wouldn't feel comfortable sharing the title and if he were to ever share the song he would only sell it to a label. Today he mentioned that the song is actually still on his hard drive, and that he's "not sure what to do with it." He described "Rahab" as being just a simple voice and guitar demo and was aware that it eventually was finished and retitled "For K, Pt. 2". While searching for "For K, Pt. 2" on YouTube, he stumbled upon "Rahab" and was really shocked (and considered asking them to take it down) as he didn't know it had leaked, so I informed him of the infamous stolen laptop. After he found that out he seemed a little bit disinterested in the conversation, so I didn't pry any more for the song we don't have other than a final try at knowing the title, to which he replied that he actually didn't remember. This is all stuff he revealed to me today. The only previous knowledge of his existence was just his name being attached to "Rahab" and the unheard song. He is like the nicest person ever as he didn't have to share any of this with me yet still did and was willing to converse casually. This is how producers should be treated btw, not scammed
  2. it's giving me very much... playground aka another lonely day vibes
  3. "Sliding down the blue banister My puss has wood burn I think there are splinters Help"
  5. It is giving me poetry vibes. Lana loves talking about her house n shit in poetry. Maybe a Hope moment?
  6. the scream i let out when i read the title of this thread
  7. I think Courtney posted about it. She like literally almost burnt down the Malibu house one time Check post below
  8. Wow, thank you so much for this, this is amazing. A couple I can think of offhand: the one on 7-9-12 in Shanghai and Kim/Kanye's wedding in May 2014
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