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    I can only die at peace if I heard Dealer
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    Ice Hockey, Spending time in the nature, reading, writing & daydreaming
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  1. Pico Boulevard

    Song vs. Song

    White Dress vs Yosemite
  2. Pico Boulevard

    Song vs. Song

    White Dress vs Chemtrails Over The Country Club
  3. Possible songs so far are: - Rock Candy Sweet - Blue Banisters - Dealer Maybe Grenadine Quarantine & If this is the end ...I want a boyfriend ( if they aren't poems) Anyways we should prepare ourselves for the COLLAPSE Dealer will cause
  4. Pico Boulevard

    Song vs. Song

    Terrence Loves You vs The Blackest Day
  5. I need Blue Banisters to have Stargirl vibes The Serial Killer moan needs to have a comeback on RCS
  6. Guys Lanas guitarist is following Mike Dean as well and both of them liked the Blue Banisters post Blake was playing the guitar in Summertime, maybe it was at the same time Lana was already working on RCS Manifesting Mike Dean as the producer & Blake playing the e-guitar on the RCS songs My excitment starts to rise ...some bops, Dealer & career highlights are coming a.k.a. her magnum opus I'm back in Team Delulu BLUE BANISTERS SNIPPET TONIGHT INCLUDING SOME DOPE ASS BEATS, ELECTRIC GUITAR AND SCREAMING
  7. R.I.P Lanaboards Jared brainwashed you all & turned it into Jackboards
  8. Reading this thread...I think it’s time for a LB break. You all reached an all time low point like it’s trumatic, horrible & disgusting Do you all turned into the Jared guy or what I need to wash my eyes now
  9. Can't wait to hear her magnum opus Blue Farts from her upcoming album Fart Candy Sweet
  10. Yeah because it's going to be produced by Zach Dawes and not by Jack Kiss Kiss
  11. So since I'm not excited for RCS and it's supposed to come out in June I'll not listen to any snippets or to any singles...always wanted to go completely blind into a new LDR album and the time has finally come Hopefully it will worth it but Lana never completely failed to amaze me with an album so there's that If Blue Banisters is actually new music and gets released as a single in the next few weeks , a June release could be very likely then...it would be definetly a good sign
  12. Spill But let’s hope for the best and that it will be a bop /// Not gonna lie...I'm sad Dealer isn't the first single
  13. The Bartender slander One of the best songs of NFR though But yeah we had enough piano, we need SOC energy ( especially the bridge)
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