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  1. Manifesting Dealer as Track 12 hope its sounds like the outro of Pretty When You Cry mixed with Tired of Singing Blues & Heart-Shaped Box vocals. So excited for this song sonically and lyrically. Will this song be the explosion of madness &chaos? What will the song lyrically be about? Is she literally screaming in it or she is belting in it or both? Will it be a 6 minute long masterpiece similiar to Cruel World? Looking forward to this song so much!! I'm most excited for this song & the title track....yup I'm ready to get destroyed Lana!!
  2. Release date: October 30th Dealer : Will be on the album + a career highlight Track 9 : Yosemite Vinyl: pearlescent , white or a sky blue transcending into dark blue with glitter all over it LMLYLAW: bridge between the sound of 'Norman' and 'Chemtrails ' Bird World: on the album + it gets an iconic video Tulsa Jesus Freak: COCC: Cumming SOoN: Banned word in the music industry My skin: not clear until I've heard the album
  3. I hope that Lana will acknowledge the title at least once in the title track even it's in a verse or in the bridge. Has Lana ever acknowledged a song title in the pre chorus? That would be interesting. Idk why but I always imagine that she will sing sth like "Then I saw Chemtrails over the Country Club " and that it will be a turning point in the song e.g a tempo change right after, the song gets messier and darker and so on And somehow I think that she will sing "Chemtrails over my Country Club " when she performs it live
  4. Pico Boulevard

    Song vs. Song

    Velvet Crowbar vs Raise Me Up
  5. Pico Boulevard

    Song vs. Song

    Cherry Blossom vs Love Song
  6. The Taste Fuck it I love you was the last song she did for NFR! if I remember correctly...and this song has a bridge and a gorgeous outro. Maybe she wants to return to bridges again and so COTCC may has some bridges. Don't get me wrong I love NFR! and not every song needs bridges .And I like the instrumental parts and outros on 'Norman' but I hope that we'll see more bridges and more bass on 'Chemtrails' .
  7. I hope she puts Dealer on the album!!! Hmm...wouldn't mind if she reworked/used Bird World for Chemtrails My bet is an October 30th release as well Wouldn't mind something like this: October 2nd : Violet CD/Vinyl release date, Lana could mention on that day how happy she is that everything Violet related is out and that she is excited to give us more info about her next album which is coming out this month (October) October 6th or 7th: Album cover + tracklist + release date + pre order October 9th: LMLYLAW announcement , " my first single called Let Me Love You Like A Woman from my upcoming album COTCC is coming out next week" October 14th: LMLYLAW release maybe with a visualizer October 20th: COTCC music video announcement + a short snippet from song or music video October 23rd: COTCC drops as a single along with the music video October 27th/28th: album trailer October 30th: album release date Maybe another interview or an instagram live in between And I hope that she'll premiere one of the singles on the radio with an interview
  8. Pico Boulevard

    Song vs. Song

    Carmen vs Million Dollar Man
  9. I couldn't stop listen to this song the whole day long and I met a friend today and I showed him the song and he really liked it. He is not a Lana fan but he asked if this is Lana and yeah he really loved her voice in it and the voice of Matt. This made me happy and so glad we got this collab
  10. Love her voice in it and especially the way she sings "Cause I just couldn't open up, I'm always shifting" And their voices sound so good together!!! Definetly one of her best collabs
  11. Hmmm at first I thought that I'll forget what the LMLYLAW snippets sounds like right after I listened to it...but surprisingly it still stucks in my head and I really like it. It has this earthy feel and I got autumn vibes from it. So I really hope that the album comes in October..the midwestern sound she mentioned and the short LMLYLAW snippet gave me already an autumn /end of September-October vibe with the sun flower as the flower of the era
  12. I'm not mad that the album wasn't released on September 5th. Lana is SERVING this era in terms of her looks. She looks so STUNNING. Her best looks since Honeymoon and I'm living for the blond. Imagine the SERVE when a proper rollout begins for this era...music videos, album trailer ,photoshoots and so on. Aesthetically I love this era so far and I'm sure I will love the album too when its out and I'm so excited !!! No choice but to stan!! Next week could be all Violet. But I think we definetly hear something about Chemtrails the week after. Hoping for a mid or end of October release
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