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  1. this is giving me 2013 lana vibes, you're raising the bar too high!
  2. how does one case of cultural appropriation years ago that she's redeemed herself for define her career
  3. pls not a pop up shop NOW we don’t need another book signing situation
  4. what a nightmare this thread has turned into
  5. i feel like wild at heart is gonna be similar to diamond heart by gaga.. lyrically
  6. the way it’s not even february and we’re still two months away from cocc
  7. new gods

    Charli XCX

    if i cried gives me N1A vibes
  8. blue jeans is such an awkward song and it's hard to pin point why exactly lmao, i think maybe the chorus and the verses don't really go well together melodically idk something just feels off..
  9. emile haynie ruined born to die. the production on that album is so overrated when lana's writing is really what makes it so unique imo, i always find myself listening to the demos over the final products. some of those samples are just so overused and songs like national anthem and TIWMUG feel like all the life and personality has been sucked out when you compare them to the demos.
  10. his aesthetic has changed a lot in recent years all his work looks like that now
  11. why is the chuck and charlie pic better executed than the lana one
  12. new gods

    Charli XCX

    its so hard to keep up with leaks in here but OMG atomic is such a fucking hit
  13. wait BuS is only 2 minutes long so we’ve probably heard the whole thing
  14. lg kill kill, mermaid motel, yayo btd off to the races, million dollar man, carmen uv cruel world, sad girl, west coast hm god knows i tried, honeymoon, terrence loves you lfl summer bummer, change, get free nfr fuck it i love you, mariners apartment complex, california
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