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  1. only thing i hate about this is the pre order and release being 2 months apart it kills the hype when artists do this
  2. the cover is actually cool it reminds me of in the zone
  3. i’m sure pink convertible’s title was changed, she didn’t even want to reveal the title and did on accident.. that’s what i’m hoping for at least
  4. she’s giving us everything and more
  5. yeah the lyrics are objectively bad but the production makes up for it, it's all i've wanted from her since her last attempt
  6. the cover is so 2000s she's a fucking server the true follow-up to froot is finally coming
  7. music video to purge the poison, she uploaded on accident
  9. jack just lacks complexity and individually. his music becomes very one-note, he's like the dr. luke of the late 10s cause he's so incredibly basic and reuses the same shit over and over again, he's just your average commercial pop producer. people point out work he's done amazing work on other stuff like 1989 and melodrama but those albums both have like 6 other producers so all the credit can't go to him. ultraviolence and born to die do so well with embracing other genres like rock and hip hop because their respective producers make that kind of music.
  10. new gods

    Lady Gaga

    i was just listening to ARTPOP's title track and it's so beautiful, the 90s synthwave sound of that song and do what u want should've been the direction for the entire album, too bad she thought EDM was innovative for 2013
  11. that title sounds like what this picture looks like
  12. hip-hop is a lipsters biggest nightmare.. it'll be funny watching you all seethe when she serves her my beautiful dark twisted fantasy
  13. that better not be the album title.. sounds like someone's tumblr url from 2013
  14. she's finally moving onto the second single.. this seems like the marina and the feminists website idea she had for die life that never saw the light of day
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