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  1. some guy on set who took pics of lana in the car said the song is “fire” so i’m assuming it’ll be a bop
  2. it’s true, we have no idea how she ended up in that situation. it could’ve been an experience to humble herself or maybe something happened with her parents forbidding her to come back home idk. LDRAKALG has so much personality to it and that lifestyle definitely influenced it, the grittiness and kitschy aspects of the record really make it special.
  3. spill! people say she formed her persona and aesthetic around being a poor girl from the trailer park but the born to die video was literally filmed at a french chateau and she had tigers sitting next to her. i don’t think she ever said she came from a low class background and she wasn’t even relevant when she was living in the trailer park so it didn’t add anything to her persona at all
  4. just listened to TJF after months cause i didn't want to ruin the experience when the album comes out but this song is so sexy i need it so bad
  5. she did always seem quite alone in the industry, her only true celebrity friend was azealia banks up until like 2015, i think that's when they fell out, she was also close with jaime king but we never really saw her have too many friends that she constantly hung out with.
  6. you spilled as always everyone on there is a hypocrite, the same ones dragging her for not putting a mask on in a coffee shop turn a blind eye when their favorite artist goes to a large house party where nobody has masks
  7. literally when she started going to that church .. the downgrade
  8. banks use the name on your social security card im pretty sure, what if she legally changed her name to lana del rey
  9. why would her stage name be on her card lmao
  10. when the cover is revealed everyone's gonna call it her worst and have a meltdown when there's no car or BTD font
  11. didn't she use the BTD font for doin time promo, i don't think it's anything to freak out over
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