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  1. I don't like Responsibility. I mean - the message is good and everything, but I'm so over this "whispering lines heavy with meaning over an instrumental". That concept is SO worn out at this point and the only effect it has on me is cringe. Plus, as much as I like Billie Bossa Nova I can't with all these Billie stans brabbling about "Billie doing bossa nova", when the only BN-song they ever heard is the elevator-music version of "The Girl From Ipanema" This is as bad as Lana fans talking about how she' a trip hop artist because she used some beats on BtD
  2. I really like this album, it turned out much more coherent than I expected it to be. It's really chill and there are some nice melodic moments. NIt does not have as much "OOMPH" as Where Do We Go, but I feel like it will age much better. The first 6 tracks flow extremely good, however I think the second half of the album is a bit bumpy. Having Everybody Dies and Your Power back to back just to drop NDA/ Therefore I Am afterwards feels like a missed chance to mix things up. Male Fantasy is nice but it feels a bit like a bonus track. It's weaker than the other ballads and the title song would have been a much better closer IMO
  3. The title track is really REALLY good and Halley's Comet's quite nice too. Don't really think we needed an album with both Male Fantasy and Your Power though. I actually hoped the songs would have a more "easy-vibing" sound like Lost Cause, my future and everything I wanted. But it seems like it will be an incohesive mixed bag ...
  4. Chemtrails should have been an EP. She could have just cut off Not All Who Wander Are Lost, For Free and Breaking Up Slowly. That way it would not fade out into a wave of bleakness during the second half AND it would not have taken such major space within her release schedule so that Blue Banisters could be released more quickly afterwards
  5. It features the brass band from DTWD and Ol'McDonald will return to contribute some shots from his gun, a rise back to glory after his monumental performance on GBA-AATBWII
  6. - She's Not Me feat. Halsey & G Easy - Interlude: People I Ghosted (Nikki You're Next) (Woodkid Remix) - Blue Jeans Reprise (You Know The Addy Ms. Banks) - You Can Be The Boss (And Hit Me In The Face) feat. Eminem & Marilyn Manson - Carmen (Other Girls Strip Too) Feat. Beyoncé, FKA Twigs, Ariana Grande & Doja Cat - Kinda Outta Luck (15min long Cover by Courtney Love which does not actually feature any lyrics but just her drunken babbling over a loop of the instrumental)
  7. It would be another batshit parade of stuff noone cares about, like that Rolling Stones Interview where the pretentious Berlin-Hipster-Boy thought he was all deep for talking about ☆gHoStS♤ and window-views.
  8. I mean ... at this point "soonish" is over 3 weeks ago so there is nothing "soon" about it anymore
  9. Our savior salvatoré asking the IMPORTANT qestions. And btw - no matter how often we've been through this and how many passionate essays justifying her radio-silence I read - I still think her "I'm so vague and constantly put out fake info"-attitude is SUCH. A. BORE. Can this woman just follow a regular announcement-release-shedule?
  10. The only collab I wanna see is Mark Lanegan. Imagine how f*cking sexy a duet with their voices would be.
  11. Thunder Corpse


    It's fascinating how you found a way to complain about people being overly dramatic, negative and toxic in an extremely dramatic, toxic and negative way. You should try Instragram-fandom
  12. Thunder Corpse


    I think NFR's actually safe. Although it features many of the elements Jack overuses now, it still has a very unique spark that stemmed from the spark of inspiration triggered by the chemistry him and Lana still had back then. I just think that most of the follow-ups - like CoCC and Solar Power - really howcase an era of "I don't know what interesting stuff we could do with those songs so let's just take the easy route and stick to the procedure-as-usual".
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