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  1. This. I know people say once you've started using fillers you cannot just give them up completely but I remember the infamous video where was driving with her left leg on the dashboard and honestly she looked like a teenager! Then immediately after she was at this guy's surgery wishing his daugther happy birthday (or something along those lines) and getting fillers again I mean, of course she's entitled to do as she pleases but she's naturally stunning so...
  2. Judee Sill, yes queen! I'm so moved she actually knows her and listens to her
  3. Sleeping in a hotel in Dundee so I found out the following morning and it sucked, of course. Where were you when she posted Question to the Culture?
  4. Hallo Heaven

    Marilyn Manson

    This must be the only *artist* (apart from LDR. obviously) that has two threads on LBs to discuss him!
  5. Hallo Heaven

    Song vs. Song

    Oops tough one... The Blackest Day Vs HIADT
  6. Yes, but I've never used it, it's still in its original box Do you own a walkman/discman?
  7. Exactly, that's precisely what comes to mind every time I read *Wild at heart* .
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