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  1. a LB legend reminding us all why this is the greatest fan corner of the internet
  2. When she talks about wanting to let her features shine I think she’s really saying thanks for stranding me 60km away on Woman, Cat Power xo
  3. Lyrically it sort of chills for a couple minutes but Then I was thinking how deep was the canyon that you came from? is one of the best Lana lines period
  4. Ok but he was funny I liked one I wanted to like the one about rock candy sweet being like crystal meth but I stopped myself that time
  5. This is so much worse than I always imagined love the valiant few fighting the attack with vinyl color discussion
  6. And the arm in the sling in the White Dress mv I thought really ended up fitting this theme you’re talking about, like maybe feeling almost out of commission. Can’t skate freely with the young girls anymore
  7. Also sometimes when I think about this rock candy 🍭 sweet business I worry... is she playing up mania for promotion - happy one min out for blood the next - or did releasing cocc really spiral sis out? I ask because I need to know how much to pull back my anger at the fact she did this again... We all know she’s not putting out an album on a damn Tuesday please and September 5 was traumatic in a way that truly knocked me off my game for at least three months. If she’s not suffering a meltdown (in which case love you Lana and love cocc) then the disrespect is staggering but 🍭 makes me asmr pronounce lollipop very slowly every time I see it and I need the title to officially be rock candy 🍭 sweet
  8. COCC got the celtic forest vibes started now some disco Orinoco Flow please
  9. If rock candy sweet is aka american standards and that’s her revenge I’ve forgotten flop standards Lana should too
  10. No I know I know I was thinking specifically of her vocals on the sound check video posted last night, no idea why I decided to dismiss UV as a rock album when I wrote that
  11. Weirdly after sleeping on it I have a feeling this album might actually come soon. It makes sense after NFR and COCC that she’d have a solid set of rock songs that haven’t fit either of those albums. but that makes me less sure about the title. Rock Candy 🍭 Sweet is a little on the nose for her first distinctly rock album? Helps it’s also a sex toy company. And anyway what’s wrong with an accurate title I guess. What if Charlie’s producing
  12. Did I miss the new lb theme or was it shanked and killed in today’s Chemtrails massacre along with the hopes and dreams of TJF, DBJAG & NAWWAL?
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