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  1. I hadn’t heard anything of Norman, not sure if he was out there
  2. This morning I finally let Chemtrails play into LMLYLAW and I’d need to clutch my heart to say how great I think this album is about to be. I LOVE NFR! but still, some of it was choppy. Not choppy in a bad way but kind of experimental maybe? Like Jack and Lana were finding a groove. The new tracks have the very airy but forceful forward momentum I associate with her best Lana tracks — Cherry, Terrence, California come to mind — where a great bridge pays off but only because the song has gently, almost imperceptibly, wound you up to a place where a big crescendo isn’t even necessary. In her best work she can whisper a single word and snap your heart. I think the 11 song tracklist says this will be a tight record, like they went for a thing and nailed it. And if she’s really revisiting Lizzy on White Dress Also I know California isn’t about a bridge but it has the forward thrust I’m thinking about. Actually, maybe that’s the thing I’m getting from the new tracks, California growing up and meeting Terrence.
  3. Maybe it’s because turquoise, in the theory of spiral dynamics, is the highest color of ascension. A level of holistic integration and interconnectedness. Associated with the consciousness of figures like Jesus and Buddha.
  4. Maybe because she mentioned it but I can’t stop dreaming of roller skating to Chemtrails
  5. My moon’s in Leo, my cancer is sun in that my sun is in Aries You’re in the wind, I’m in the water nobody’s son, nobody’s daughter White picket chemtrails I cannot stop playing this song the rest of my life is on pause
  6. This man really just called her previous works overblown and tacky the sociopathy continues its reign of terror
  7. I need to hear how the drums lead into Tulsa Jesus Freak right tf now. I’m sufficiently teased to the point of frenzy Lana give me peace
  8. Someday in the future (hope not far) yesterday and today will be my gauge for what depression looks like. But the second to second page refreshing will stop soon and I’ll be riding Lana’s cocc to infinity
  9. The album artwork is giving caution vibes, like Lana doesn’t want to be alone right now. I hope it’s not because she’s feeling fragile but rather because whatever she’s about to deliver is such a serve that she needs reinforcements. The fan video she posted to her ig story adds to my hunch that she’s been reflecting on the role she’s played in the celebrity machine, that it’s a theme of the album and the era. How she’s played it and how it’s played her. Maybe both as Elizabeth and as Lana — the front and back covers. I think about the people who stormed the capitol last week and how they’ve been on a deranged conspiracy campaign since at least early covid, trying to convince the world that Hollywood is full of literal bloodsuckers who eat babies. I’ve thought since I heard the title that Chemtrails must be related to these conspiracies... I mean I dunno there’d be a whole lot to unpack. I just need this to be an album borne of the recent times. The pic Jack posted that suggests Chemtrails could’ve been produced as early as 2018 is the only troubling thing for me today.
  10. So the hot man who blows my leaves broke in and stole my tv and PlayStation. I didn’t notice til I showered this morning and turned on the lamp. A violation. Crimes have been perpetrated against me. The sky is cloudy and the ground is wet. But COCC is coming in 4 days and this thread is giving me life. btw I’m not on twitter so I haven’t been out dragging embroidery artists. But I stand with lanasbottom who showed up for the high artist we’re all here for
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