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  1. Fuck that old ass song.. WHERES WELCOME TO HEAVEN!
  2. Yeah but its obviously not him so idk
  3. Night Mime 5 min demo will still outsell final version idc
  4. Literally WHY was it not the closer. Mope is the safest thing for a woman like me to do - but i wont is still sleep inducing idgi
  5. Has anyone figured out the vocalist(s) on Public Enemy? It sounds a little bit like Bibi and someone else... Maybe Nova?
  6. Unrelated but , Love my edit as ur pfp
  7. It's not the place to discuss but I think she is very boring. After Cyber Stockholm Syndrome I lost all interest, and the Elton John thing is so cringe.... I genuinely tried to like her tho
  8. this is quite absurd... i think it calls for this tweet to be reborn
  9. Ugh @Urbanney cannot relate that song is like a biblical hymn for me, i adore everything about it
  10. I feel really bad if she were to ever open this thread
  11. Pls the whole single/vinyl looks and sounds fanmade
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