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  1. Marina needs to create a spam account to post her stories, because really...
  2. And honestly? The song is not even problematic. Many other singers played with the lolita archetype at the time
  3. BluebirdXO


    I seriously thought that the "if this get likes my label will..." was just a joke. But seeing how active Grimes is being on Tik Tok that's probably the truth
  4. To think that she almost left the millionairess line out At least she have enough self awareness to make up for it, but I still twist my nose for that line What if Flowers was going to be the next single? This photo with a bouquet makes me think that it might have been a possibility
  5. BluebirdXO


    Honestly, what's the point of dating a billionaire if you're not going to spend his money? Especially after bearing his child. She's hated for dating him, at least make it profitable
  6. In the podcast when they were talking about friendships, the interviewer asked if she broke off any friendship during the pandemic and Marina said no. That the friendships that she ended, she ended about 3/4 years ago. Can we suppose that Marina and Lana are still friends?
  7. BluebirdXO

    Taylor Swift

    I relistened to Folklore yesterday and Epiphany just became my favorite 2nd track on the record ❤
  8. That's how I interpret it too
  9. And she also wouldn't feel the need to mention it every 10 seconds
  10. Live in a love and hate relationship with her music because of that. I couldn't stand her during the EH and Froot era. The twitter meltdowns were always a little too much for me. I was in the love phase, but now I think that I'm entering the hate phase again
  11. Vulgar.darling on Tik Tok must be here. If you're reading this, know that I love your account. Thank you for bringing education for that app
  12. Never. It's waiting for a home
  13. BluebirdXO


    Lorde is not copying Lana. It's all Jack's fault. He's the one who co-writes with them and decided to use the same sound for both artists, especially because Lorde probably didn't even heard COCC when she was writing SP. Antonoff's sound was always generic for me, but this time he took it to another new level. Lorde deserved better
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