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  1. Once I almost texted him to say that I liked his shirts. I'm almost texting it now to make room for conversation
  2. I started to hate QFTC this week. I'll interpret it as a sign that something is coming
  3. Can anyone ask about a Madonna x Lana collab? I don't want the two together, but if it's happening I want to be prepared
  4. Time to bug her managers. Otherwise, they will sleep on it
  5. Imagine Lana covering this song: * I know that the original is by The Supremes, but the Soft Cell version gives me shivers This fits so much of what we have heard of BB
  6. I'm feeling old, nostalgic, sad and I'm about to cry Time really flies
  7. When you type random words and pretend to be a lyric...
  8. The new theme is keeping her besties in the cover. NFR had it, COCC had and now BB will have it to
  9. Where's @Jack Antonoff is a God??? He lifts everyone's spirit and always make us laugh. I miss him 💔
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