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  1. i know this is going to sound a little weird but i love seeing her with crow's feet it's so refreshing.
  2. queen of alexa! she looks gorgeous...
  3. LemonadeHeavens

    Song vs. Song

    kill kill vs trash magic
  4. i'd love to hear a song on this album similar to steven's demo for brite lites, it'd be a really nice sound for her. i'm wondering if we'll get anything rock on this album, i'd assume that dealer would be because it's a "screamer" and it's produced by zach dawes, i know jack is capable of that sound to some capacity (venice bitch) but i feel like his strong suit is casual bops and ballads.
  5. this era has been so crazy... qftc... the surprise release that never happened... the mesh mask... the possible december / january release date... and now ben's phone got stolen and everyone is anticipating yosemite...
  6. LemonadeHeavens

    Song vs. Song

    music to watch boys to vs living legend
  7. i don't think there is anything lana could do artistically that will make me love her less, and tbh it's not that i hate lmlylaw or breaking up slowly, i just haven't found a way to fall in love with it yet, i still loved her after lfl, and i think nfr was a great album. we'll always have the music from the eras we love the most no matter what lana decides to do.
  8. i agree, i think the country / southern sound was an influence, such as qotgs, joan & bobby, super movie, and even mermaid motel with the southern twang, but i wouldn't consider it full blown country.
  9. i'm not really sure how to feel about the new song... i honestly think it sounds really basic, of course i can't judge completely until it's actually released and we get to hear the studio version, but i think my main concern is nikki lane, just not a fan of her voice and i hardly ever like lana's collabs, especially those which are on her albums. i'm just really confused with the direction is album is taking? tulsa jesus freak is a sultry bop, lmlylaw is a simple ballad, breaking up slowly is country, cotcc is "fire", waitress / white dress is "freaky" and dealer is a "screamer"? we all know that aka has a very broad range of sound and it was beautiful, so we know she's capable of that, but i'm not too sure i trust jack antonoff to pull it off. i agree that she's able to pull off country, or a southern inspired sound, super movie, queen of the gas station, joan & bobby, ten dollar ring... you get the picture... but i'm just not feeling this new track and i'm nervous about this era. @drugsdesire i forgot to quote your post! but yes, i definitely do agree!
  10. i don't know what i was expecting but it wasn't this.
  11. sylvia... i knew what you meant when you talked about releasing a white pearlescent vinyl and scrapping your boring black vinyls so you could bless the lipsters.
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