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  1. white dress, dark but just a game, & yosemite knowing they're the holy trinity of this album
  2. it's honestly really sad that there's so much going on in this world but people would rather bicker about somebody's hairstyle, this is why i don't take the "woke" movement seriously at all, they're all so clueless
  3. they're doing the absolute most to try to make her look like a bad and ignorant person, this is such an absolute and nonsensical reach, and she even lived in new york for a period of time! she's absolutely allowed to reference it in her work
  4. i just never really enjoyed it and i feel like i should because i think the abrasive "shout" sample is great and i like the songwriting but i never really have a desire to listen to it i just think the song isn't really pleasant to listen to
  5. i like his production on the album and i have to give the album credit for being her most popular and most "iconic" album, but i feel like it's the album i listen to the least i agree that the production on the album is lack-luster, i do find myself preferring the earlier versions of the album's songs, i think the worst for me are diet mountain dew, million dollar man, and lolita, i've always preferred the demo versions of diet mountain dew, the demo version of million dollar man is perfect and it didn't need any more production, and the album version of lolita is a mess, but born to die is still an iconic album and it deserves respect regardless... and also, i don't like blue jeans
  6. i'm actually feeling optimistic about breaking up slowly, i know it isn't her most thought-provoking or inquisitive lyric, but i actually really like "i love you only and it's making me blue" i can definitely relate... i think it's going to be very sweet and mellow, reminiscent of lizzy grant and honestly i live for lana constantly mentioning "blue", so i'm here for it
  7. i haven't posted in this thread for a little while but i'm really excited for this album! i feel like every track is going to be very special in it's own way, and the fact that it's reminiscent of the lizzy grant era, especially with white dress, which is the song i'm most looking forward to, it's all coming together!
  8. LemonadeHeavens

    Song vs. Song

    cotcc vs. oh say can you see
  9. LemonadeHeavens

    Song vs. Song

    i talk to jesus vs. heroin
  10. lgakalg: queen of the gas station, mermaid motel, yayo born to die: off to the races, carmen, without you paradise: cola, gods & monsters, bel air uv: west coast, guns & roses, florida kilos honeymoon: music to watch boys to, freak, religion lfl: heroin is the only song i truly love from this album nfr: fuck it i love you, california, bartender
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