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  1. pink convertible was the only song ive been loking forward to i rly thought she might have renamed it. no excitement left for this release now
  2. thats cute and all but they also did that w/ the surf shop 2 years ago, but my order was like 2 hoodies and 5 shirts and some accessories so customs were like "hmmm thats fishy that cant be right" so i had to provide the original bill which was 300+$ and i ended up getting fined same, the beauty salon is probaby for the rumored Gucci Beauty collab if it turns out to be real
  3. hmm usually fnac lets you cancel an order and refunds you, so id try that. never heard about the coupon option tho
  4. fnac is legit, i always order the exclusives there but for normal vinyl like the regular UV id use jpc.de or my local record store jpc also ships ww and UV is cheaper there https://www.jpc.de/jpcng/poprock/detail/-/art/lana-del-rey-ultraviolence/hnum/5220507
  5. no idea since they dont provide any kind of code, but my guess would be the one with the explicit tag is the US version, hence the higher price + delivery taking so long and the other one being the regular EU version
  6. Dominikx4


    ive never really listened to her apart from like 3-4 songs but Young Heart blew me away Voyager & Surrender are my faves
  7. stream Birdy's new album while ur waiting for BB its a masterpiece
  8. For Free is one of my faves ngl... Love love love it so much
  9. i wish the good sis Bolsonaro blocked twitter in brazil so we wouldnt have to put up with dumb ass stan accounts like ldraddic & this one making shit up
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