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  2. i would love to know how you got that out of what she wrote ... the "my best friends and boyfriends have been rappers" shit is maddening - but i honestly think she's trying to appeal to progressive sensibilities, only using language that conservative people would be able to digest (i have a treasured friend to whom i kind of have to speak in this way, is the thing, so i can reason as to why she would too, not that it's dignified by any means) because it's in her hopelessly liberal interest to mediate what's essentially a fracture, for better or worse, in public awareness, goes right along with the rest of her Morrissey shtick then again, i'm not prepared to actually give her credit for that, because i think it's more ignorant than it really is an informed (or even conscious) choice of words the reason i say that is because lana never goes out of her way to prove her point, which leads me to believe that we're mostly lucky she happens to align with the most well-intentioned of us, even if she does it in the most clumsy way imaginable it all speaks to a very effete mindset, where you'll cast a hex on trump and genuinely feel like that's so meaningful, and then pull the "i have (had) a black (boy)friend" card when challenged on the purpose and use of your actions/means but she's convinced that she's the second coming of whatever the fuck, so there's really nothing we can say to her that would matter much, save your breath sistren she's not woke by any stretch of the imagination, but she's nominally progressive, and i think that's good enough whether she knows (how) to leverage this or not, it could serve in the interest of positive change and forward movement even as it is because it's not cloying to the people that could be affected/compelled by it to re-examine themselves (and those who don't need to re-examine themselves as such, may be aggravated by it, i get that, but ultimately this message is not for them) even though that re-examination would likely perpetuate the infuriating "but i have a black friend" shit, but hey, the more people we have casting hexes on trump or whatever the fuck, the better imo no matter if they're eloquent or driven/given to change, outside of when it's somehow trendy to be forward-thinking it's the popular opinion of the masses that sways decisionmaking, not the abstract fighting of two diametrically opposed groups /mess
  3. even if it's not real, i still want it, alongside YTH (AKA ver) and YTH (Mariachi ver)
  4. i don't mind the cover tbh, also glad to see the tracklist confirmed in full (but also #justicefordealer and #justiceforyestoheaven) i survived my dentist appointment, so bring on the video tbh
  5. we've had like 37 different countdowns and i'm still not sure what for/why lmfao!!!!!
  6. why does EVERY announcement i ever look forward to, whether that's in music or video games or anything else, have to coincide with me going through some major #trauma earlier that same day i have dentist appointment tomorrow lmao, just a routine checkup but i swear to god something's gonna be up and i'll need to sodomize my bank acc for it like can i PLEASE just have the nice thing without the universe having to test me first
  7. lana really doesn't need blackface allegations sis don't put this into the universe
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