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  1. skkkkkkk this reminds me of when leaks on tumblr were still a thing - and ppl would ask these blogs several questions in the same post, and inevitably receive a response exactly like ben's
  2. i hear "I'm his favorite hymn but he sang them all", outsold TJF
  3. minor corrections, this is entirely the wrong track to be pedantic about the lyrics for, but still
  4. she would honestly end several of the indie girls' careers she helped start if she went bald lol
  5. i'm gonna keep manifesting a pet shop boys cover "you choose" would HIT (mostly i just have a sick fascination with the idea of "lick your wounds, buy your booze, you won't get drunk by accident, you'll choose" coming from lana's lips)
  6. this unlocked a memory in the deepest recesses of my mind I had shoes exactly like these to go with my princess costume I had when I was like four or five really not such a fan of HTD but I honestly see the comparison lmao!!
  7. I seriously thought a COCC song had leaked when I saw the thread title...
  8. i'm not sure how to put this in a way that's socially responsible - but i do feel that the name-dropping was made a problem, because every woman Lana chose to mention is a WOC (except Ari i guess) there are times when twitter's hyperawareness of potential microaggressions (or whatever this would classify under) is a good thing... but this wasn't one of those times, lol - sis got her entire argument misrepresented by a vicious mob (whose intentions i think are genuine as a collective, maybe not so much on an individual level though) and got btfo'd edit: like, sure - i'm all for reading between the lines and interpreting things in a wider context where it is necessary or at least diligent to do so, but maybe it isn't a very useful endeavor to go in on a woman who has a track record of expressing herself with all the accuracy and tact of a bull in a china shop lol
  9. "not everyone needs to pretend to love their girlfriend just because their mother is dying" i... have gone through something kind of similar to Lana here, which I have never given myself time or space to really think about in this perspective so this hits different, for sure
  10. why are we talking about sex workers my 2020 trauma is that i could be making racks on chaturbate, if only i was prepared to put in the emotional labor lmao
  11. the way i forgot this song (& hot hot hot) existed 'CUZ YOU ROCK ROCK ROCK ROCK ROOOOOCK!!!!!
  12. tbh I Talk To Jesus is the sleeper hit of her unreleased catalogue so i just want more where that came from she can keep Thunder but @ hoarders feel free to leak the Last Shadow Puppets collab album, thanks x
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