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  1. holy shit ALSO Helena Noguerra is incredible, bless y'all ears her work w/ Federico Pellegrini is especially enchanting let's get lost and run naked in that rain! I'd mention Yoshiko Sai as well but she kinda had a moment via the YouTube algorithm, so
  2. a couple hot picks from the last couple years' spotify wrappeds (which are still very indicative of my taste level, dno about obscure though gfdshjfgsdjklh)
  3. never thought an Arcadia/NFR/Black Beauty/For K medley would be a want, never mind a NEED that soundcheck was so gorgeous helpppppp
  4. when she replaces Chemtrails w/ Making Out, what then?
  5. Thirty blocks to Fordham Road That's a bad neighborhood Crackhouse on the corner I know I shouldn't do what it is I could The stone Mary in the garden She let me know she watching She said I'd better get walking I'd better walk away I don't know why it is that I wanna stay I don't know what it is that makes me feel this way But I'm not gonna do what I hear me say I'm just gonna walk, I'm gonna walk away
  6. venice bitch, queen of the gas station orrrrr madly
  7. "singing for the gangsters, chasing all that paper, living life so dangerously and there's nothing for my anger, money is my savior, i can be whatever i think it's like heaven, heaven, living on the edge, never know where i'm going to be and i'm dreading never settling down, that's when dying is beginning to gleam" also, because fuck y'all: "oh, how i like the way you say my name do you like the way i say yours, too? okay, you like the games that i play rollercoaster, coca-cola, crystal methamphetamine"
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