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  1. I loved Finland's number but ngl Loreen is in a different fucking area, what a queen
  2. 1. nfr 2. honeymoon 3. ocean blvd 4. chemtrails 5. born to die 6. ultraviolence 7. blue banisters 8. lust for life
  3. do we know what version of the song is on the jukebox @ Mel's?
  4. i really love the melody of these verses; i hope she worked them into a produced track at some point
  5. look, it's a given that everything is conjecture, especially given the fact that lana herself isn't a reliable source of information for these things (as @sparklrtrailrheaven mentioned) we can have a consensus on what is generally true and what isn't (like the list of prospective btd outtakes), but at the end of the day it doesn't really matter like, lana put songs from 10 years ago on blue banisters - does that mean she concepted this album way back then? the point behind having things like "melancholia" or "tropico" to bridge the gap between paradise and uv is mainly to have a way of categorizing the copious amounts of unreleased songs we have it's also kind of a window into her creative process - but again, we're not literally inside lana's head, so whether we are factually correct or not in our assumptions, is moot as far as tampering with leaked material is concerned, again, it doesn't rly matter if patrick warren created the stem edits, or if a fan did - in either case they're stem edits made after the fact if patrick warren created them, then sure, there's more legitimacy there, but typically we aren't clamoring for stem edits to leak anyway, lmao
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