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  1. maysparkle

    Zella Day

    Wow, Zella is filling the gaps that Lana is missing for me right now. She killed it with Girls and Dance For Love. And Holocene! I’m obsessed with the psychedelic disco rock funk thing she has going on. For some reason her voice reminds me of Dolly Parton.
  2. Wow it’s so weird how people’s tastes can differ. I found WW to be the most powerful song of the three, especially in regards to lyrics. I was floored when I first heard it. to me, it’s anything BUT boring!
  3. Feeling this more and more. I don’t know why she feels pressured to give us release dates that aren’t even accurate. Just don’t give any release dates! Keep being silent!! I prefer silence to dates that never come. Surprise releases are fun though; it’s the false hope that gets me.
  4. maysparkle

    Billie Eilish

    I kinda like Lost Cause but it does remind me a bit of Therefore I am. I really loved my future and I guess Your Power wasn’t terrible. I’m hoping this new album is as good as her last one.
  5. I got in a fight with my bf earlier today and we are ignoring each other in other rooms... Lana please come through tonight, I need it
  6. Fuck, I hope she releases the pre-order soon because I’m about to spend all my money on Lisa Eldridge’s new makeup launch...I’d much rather spend it on the new vinyl editions but cannot do both. Being a Lana fan kills our bank accounts, yeah?
  7. Same, I’ve thought this for awhile now. It’s the only thing that makes sense (two albums)
  8. These songs for some reason are giving me David Lynch/Chris Isaak vibes. I keep thinking of Wild At Heart (the film by Lynch, which also features that Chris Isaak song that sounds so much like Mariner’s Apartment Complex, and now Wildflower Wildfire) and also Fire Walk With Me and Twin Peaks. Even Julee Cruise. Anyone else feel like she’s been heavily influenced by these things or am I just high? (I actually am high lol 😂)
  9. maysparkle

    Zella Day

    Wow her new song is fucking fire. I hope her album has the same vibe as this, her last EP and latest singles (esp the one w/Weyes Blood)
  10. I take it back, these are some of her some of her best work. The lyrics especially. It sounds great on noise-canceling headphones. But I do wonder about Rock Candy Sweet and if it will have a different vibe. Maybe not. Maybe this is where she’s at now. I’m here for it. I’m always here for whatever she does. She packs the emotional punches that no one else can match.
  11. I love everything she does but I was expecting bops for some reason. And now I’m thinking about the possibility of two albums. This could be her country-ish album with Nikki Lane? Hard to say. I’m going to listen with headphones and smoke a bowl and form a second opinion. Don’t get me wrong, they were good, especially Wildflower Wildfire.
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