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  1. I'm beyond happy to read that people are finally giving "Guns and Roses" the praise it deserves, holy shit, the way I played this song in an endless loop the summer that Ultraviolence came out, humming its haunting melody everywhere I went and I still love it. This song cannot be overplayed imo
  2. lanasgirl


    exactly my thoughts! it's a vibe but i get the same vibe from freedom, if not a much better one. it's almost a little too controlled
  3. lanasgirl


    I absolutely love it!!!!!! I can’t wait to hear this song and see the visuals, it looks so beautiful and badass
  4. lanasgirl


  5. Just wanna say thank you all so much for the many suggestions, there's a hell lot of songs and artists that I overlooked even tho I follow Lana religiously lol Love you guys!!! PS: If you suggest an artist that you know she listens to, maybe also add a song by the artist that you think she'd enjoy the most!
  6. So happy you guys like this Lol I thought I had added that but must have accidentally deleted it! Thank you Ohhh I remember this interview! I love it, thank you for sharing Thank you
  7. I 100% agree but am a little unsure whether I should add them because she never specifically mentioned them! Added it
  8. Thank you so much for all the suggestions! Can you tell me where you found her "Sex on Ice" playlist? I googled it but couldn't find anything, must have missed it completely
  9. Thank you! I didn't have King Krule on there but the other two are already on the playlist
  10. I discovered BØRNS thanks to Lana Aw that's cute, I just added it!
  11. Thank you soooo much for all the suggestions
  12. She starts singing it at 5:24
  13. Ahh I remember! Thanks
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