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  1. I'm not sure how I feel about this album yet, I haven't been keeping up as much because I can't see this album coming anytime soon based off her track record so its hard to build up hype this early on I don't really trust the insiders this time around cause most of the time its misleading But based off of Mikes involvement I think were in for something a lot more exciting.. which is so refreshing I haven't listened to the snippet yet, abstinence children , no point in listening to a part of a song that won't come for another 6-8 months at tops
  2. Also the fact that she was indecisive about whether she wanted the title track to be RCS or BB means that both are gonna serve hard her title tracks never disappoint, just take a look at Tulsa Godly Freak and COCC, case and point
  3. The fonts grown on me, I think it looked bad because the cover is overall just ugly But if the album is really produced by Mike.. a serve! first time I'll look forward to the 4th of july in a longtime
  4. Yeah I got into them last year and I love all their music I wish they dove more into their ritual in repeat sound, it was so fucking cool
  5. The way I just got paid.. I take it as a sign not to spend money on lackluster merch and to wait for something actually amazing
  6. Yea I jumped off the boat a couple weeks ago, it ain't happening But I'll be pleasantly surprised if it does come out
  7. Okay but if we really do get a preorder of this soon I'll fucking scream
  8. According to Nicole on her latest Instagram post, her next album is called Atropa Belladonna and has 12 tracks
  9. A album full of hawaiian glam metal and surf noir masterpieces is the only kind of summer album I'll accept Wayamaya, Kill Kill, Hawaiian Tropic, Neon Palmmm, Patent Leather Do Over's intrumental... anyone who slanders such a godly vibe looks stupid doing it, implode to the power of fake plumeria necklaces
  10. Omg this would be too good to be true It would probably smell horrid but I would still douse it on like holy water
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