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  1. Is everyone else just like ooooooklahhhoooooma all the time? Asking for a friend
  2. Jen added a pic of Lana on her Instagram story (I think it’s Lana) with the caption “big bachelor mood”
  3. I think it’s Jen’s husband Mike. His birthday was a few days ago.
  4. She’s so pretty and I love Rob lol. She doesn’t wear her engagement ring anymore?
  5. Does anyone know when this milkshake ends? I am going at the end of the month and I want it sm
  6. I think she’s absent bc she’s busy helping Chuck (probably an emotional time for her), working on the album, and also she said she was going to disappear to work on another poetry book. She didn’t disappear when she said she was going to, but maybe she’s working on it now? I think her poetry is so so personal and the music lately has been extremely personal so maybe she is taking things from her poetry and elaborating then into music?
  7. No but he did like the post she put on Instagram before she deleted it.
  8. That’s a really good way to think of it. She maybe also posted to see what people would say about it and get a feel for what the fans think?
  9. She deleted the post about her new songs.
  10. This song is hard for me to figure out. I love it. At first I thought it was about her mom, and in some ways I think it probably is, but it also gives me mental illness/ bipolar vibes. Not because of the lithium lyric (although I don’t think it’s a nirvana reference), but because sometimes maybe you feel like a wildfire and sometimes more relaxed and calm like a wildflower. Or maybe Lana is the wildflower and her mom is the wildfire. Whatever she is talking about she got it from her mom. This probably made no sense.
  11. Do we think any of these are about Clay? I feel like they are all referencing super recent things.
  12. True. Forgot all about that, thanks.
  13. In bb she mentions Jenny, I’m assuming that’s her friend Jen? Also mentions handing her a beer? Aren’t they both sober?
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