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  1. Codes only work once, so perhaps you've used it on a previous order?
  2. Hi, I'm from the US, and I was wondering why universal music has bundles listed, but won't let me buy them because "the following products are not deliverable to your country." Is my only option to buy from shoplanadelrey? It's a little more expensive and there aren't any bundles
  3. What do you guys use to download in good video/sound quality? Can anybody share a file?
  4. Not another "Get Free" situation
  5. titanicearth

    Kali Uchis

    Kali will be performing at the Tonight Show this Thursday 4/08!
  6. titanicearth

    Weyes Blood

    Happy second Birthday to Titanic Rising!
  7. titanicearth

    Weyes Blood

    Titanic Risen has now been released!
  8. Although Clay came back to insta along with all of his pics, he recently archived/deleted his pics with Lana (for the second time)
  9. New In Town - 2 Stuck On Repeat (Original Mix) - 43 Remedy - 10 Meddle - 11 Ghost - 10 Hearts Collide - 43
  10. titanicearth


    Sorry... Didn't even know I was supposed to understand that just by looking at the image
  11. titanicearth


    That “album artwork” image is actually part of Melodrama booklet. 😊
  12. titanicearth

    Kali Uchis

    Thank you! Also, isn't this the full version of Honey Baby? or is it a different titled song? If so, does anyone have a download for this one. ❤️
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