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  1. Listened to 497 artists, including 229 new ones this year Listened to 207 genres, including 92 new ones Listened to a total of 13,648 minutes Top genres: Pop Indie Rock Indie Pop Chamber Pop Folk Rock Top Song of the Year Mariners Apartment Complex Top 5 tracks: Mariners Apartment Complex Terrence Loves You Mr. Lonely - Angel Olsen Cinnamon Girl High By the Beach Top Artist of the Year Lana Del Rey (5,448 minutes) Top 0.5% listener Top Decade 2000s w/ the top song being Colour Green by Sibylle Baier Top Artists Lana Del Rey Weyes Blood Mitski Poppy Angel Olsen Thoughts: Looking back I kind of just realized I barely listen to any male artists... time to expand my horizons I guess lol ❤️
  2. ... I don’t get it. Doesn’t Justin and his team get to decide what category to submit to? Why would he be upset when essentially his team and him are the ones that submitted his work in pop categories...
  3. titanicearth


    Poppy is now a Grammy-nominated artist! 🖤
  4. I know that “Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood” may not be the most popular song, but I’m hoping that one day the instrumental leaks. Imagine that. Imagine listening to the full Honeymoon instrumentals from start to finish.
  5. titanicearth

    Kali Uchis

    @Elle Thank you for always being on top with the information! 💗 If the label won’t allow her to drop the track why can’t they let her know what the problem is?
  6. titanicearth

    Kali Uchis

    La luna enamorada keeps playing in my mind. Beautifully hunting for this time of night! 🖤
  7. titanicearth

    Kali Uchis

    Oh my God, you’re absolutely right that the whole album sounds like a dream! 💗 I listened to those two tracks and perhaps “odd” and “thrown off” may have been the wrong words to use? I’m just used to seeing that effect on YouTube videos as opposed to full-fledged songs, so it just felt a bit new and different. It does have a dream-like quality tbh; just felt that those two songs were “here’s the first half of the song with regular vocals and here’s the second half of the song with slowed down vocals and the same lyrics.” 💗
  8. titanicearth

    Kali Uchis

    Some early thoughts after a few listens: - I wish the songs were longer; it’s a bit of a bummer to see almost all songs be under 3 minutes - It was kind of odd listening to slowed-down repeated vocals on “de nadie” and “ángel sin cielo.” It threw me off a bit and quickly reminded me of music edits on YouTube. The fact that she repeated lyrics on the slowed-down vocals made me wish she had instead added more, different lyrics. - I was expecting a bigger ending song considering the beginning one was fabulous, and also the fact that it came after “te pongo mal” and “la luz.” Also considering, “Loner” and “Killer” are amazing final tracks on their respective works. I mean no negativity by this, so I apologize if I may seem so; just some quick thoughts I had. The album is great, and my top favorite tracks, I think, are “vaya con Dios,” “quiero sentirme bien,” and “telepatía.” 💗💗💗
  9. This song makes me feel like everything will be better in the end 💙 Also:
  10. You need to stop relying on other people to explain to you current, common topics. Information is now more accessible than ever. ❤️
  11. @knives You should never feel the need to justify your existence to someone who won’t truly listen, understand, or properly seek out more information on their own. I hope you’re ok! ❤️
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